This Week in Awesome: June 18, 2010

If you haven’t noticed I link to a bunch of different things from our Twitter page. I probably shouldn’t deny it anymore…I am addicted to the internet. I don’t expect everyone to catch everything I link to, so that is where this weekly post will come in handy. My favorite posts of the week, all in one place.

I now submit “This Week in Awesome” for your consideration.

Being that this is the inaugural post, I will hop in my Delorean and bring back some oldies, but goodies:

Dec. 21 2009: During the Breckenridge stop of the Dew Tour. Halldor Helgason was stomping hits left and right. I got so tired of typing his name during the live blog, that I implored the readers to help me come up with a nickname. @StuHill won the contest, and on top of getting a Winter Dew T-Shirt, he got to introduce the world to “The Hexagon.”
Post Script: Flash Forward to the Winter X Games. Sal Masekela referred to Halldor as The Hexagon on air.
Post Post Script: Stu Hill went on to give an Ignite presentation on his name changing skills

IGNITE DALLAS – STU HILL from Stu Hill on Vimeo.

January 5: – The Hexagon is one with Crasher Seal. (Ed. Note: Crasher Seal is one of my favorite memes)

January 10: – Iouri Podladtchikov (aka iPod) shuffles his playlist mid 10 while grabbing mute. Nano.

/Back to the Future

June 12, 2010: Ryan Dungey wins both motos in the 450 class AMA Motocross Race at High Point, PA. The same afternoon, Brandon Dosch braves the elements to claim first at Red Bull Stomping Ground in Chicago

I also tried my hand at making a couple of .gifs….I love .gifs
Perpetual Hole Shot Machine
Perpetual Finish Line Machine

June 13, 2010: @tcclarkeee links to one of the coolest pictures I have seen in a while. Synchronized FMX Backflip while holding hands

June 15, 2010: More .gif fun! Wallride down a spiral staircase. Sounds nuts right? Yea, well try to look at that for less than 2 minutes

June 15, 2010: To be honest, I never heard of Kilian Martin before finding this clip. That changed immediately. I spent 20 minutes Googleing after watching this Rodney Mullen-esque video. Awesome!

June 17, 2010: If you have followed any of our #TYFO interview series, you know that the first question I ask is always “On a scale of 1-10, How awesome is the movie Face-Off?” As such, Nic Cage gets linked to a lot. Well someone decided that there needed to be a website that allowed you to add every Nic Cage movie to your NetFlix queue with a single click. Brilliant.

Stay tuned until next week. Same awesome time. Same awesome channel.


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