Chaz Ortiz, so Hot Right Now!

October 17, 2010

By Sydney Goldberg

Photo by Sydney Goldberg

“It’s kinda weird, in a sick way, seeing Chaz become the skater he is. I remember growing up, like age nine or ten, doing my first contests, competing with him,” said Warp Skatepark teammate and 2010 Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals participant Miles Canavello. “It was crazy; he was always super consistent and kickflipped everything in sight. Now he’s one of the biggest pros, always getting top three in all contests. It’s super tight to see him make it in skateboarding. He definitely is making his homies and stuff proud. He’s killing it.”

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Gatorade Free Flow Tour in Perris!

June 17, 2010

By Brian Beagle

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On June 12, 2010, Perris, CA was treated with the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. If you are not familiar with the tour, the GFFT is the “minor leagues” of the Dew Tour. GFFT holds many events across the country looking for the best amateur BMX riders and skateboarders. I was blown away by the level of riding at this event. The Junior division that consists of riders 12 years old and younger was great to watch. These kids were throwing 360s, tweaked out airs, tail whips, tucked no handers, and one kid even threw his first back flip (3rd try) ever! Official results were Parker Heath 3rd, River Bias 2nd, and Pierce Howell 1rst. Pierce (1rst) and Parker (3rd) consider the Krause Family YMCA in Clairemont their home park, and I do as well.

In the open division, the park riding was on par with the pros! The riders are raising the bar of what is considered amateur to a level that is unbelievable. I saw double tail whips, superman whips, 360 whips, front flips, flairs, flair whips, and even 720s! Daniel Sandoval, Kevin Peraza, and Chris Rivers, listed first to third, are names to remember, they will be pros soon! I felt lucky to be watching these guys. […]