RIPNDIP, so Hot Right Now!

August 23, 2010

By: Sydney Goldberg

10 Questions with Ryan O’Connor, owner of rip n dip clothing

1. Name the dudes on the Rip N Dip Team.

Grant Yansura, Bert Wootton, Cody Lucas, Johan Stuckey, Luis Perez, Ian Rosenberg, a few others…

2. Did Rip N Dip start off as a skate crew or a clothing company?
It started off as a joke, with a few friends, about making a clothing company. Then the name stuck, everyone was really hyped on the name, the commercials, and the whole idea behind it.

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Volcom, so Hot Right Now!

August 17, 2010

Photographs, Words, & Video By: Sydney Goldberg

I just missed the demo. FML

That was my initial thought walking into Northbrook Skatepark at approximately 5:17 p.m, to gawk at the 2010 Volcom Brand Jeans Tour. Right after the announcer thanked everyone for coming, all of the mousy-haired kiddos ran out of the park.

Hold up, let’s rewind. I left work early that day, in order to have any chance of getting parking. Putting shoes on a lady’s dirty feet or watching Nick Trapasso‘s dirty kickflip over a rail? You chose.

I prepared myself to walk a block in the rain, with my camera equipment, by stuffing everything into an over-sized black Dakine backpack. Lucky me, I rolled right into a spot when I hit the lot, and the weather held up. The skatepark was packed to the brim. Parents, grandparents, babies, females with long hair, “stage makeup” (red lips, lots of blush, penciled-in eyebrows, black eye shadow), midriff tops, tight jeans, shaggy hair, tattoos, scumstaches, and all the above. Oh yeah and David Gonzalez hanging out in the parking lot, no biggie.

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Dhers To Be Different

August 13, 2010

By Zarrin Alam

Cool, confident, funny, and different, Daniel Dhers is just an all around BMX rider. Daniel Dhers came out in 2006 and has been raging up a storm ever since. It’s hard to imagine that it has been only four years since the world was officially introduced to Dhers; even Wikipedia can’t fathom the fact.

Red Bull athlete, Daniel Dhers, started riding when he was 12 in his home country Venezuela. Four years later, Dhers moved to Argentina and he started riding more and more; he turned pro in 2004. After training at Woodward for two summers, things started to work in favor of Dhers. In 2006, he placed third in his first Dew Tour stop. Fortunately, Daniel managed to stay consistent through the whole Dew Tour, and ended up winning the Dew Cup. Becoming Dew Tour Champion was a big ego booster for Dhers. After that he was unstoppable in every contest he entered. 2006 was definitely Daniel Dhers’ breakout year. Picking up a Dew Cup, his first sponsor, gold at Action Sports World Championships, and a bronze at X Games, he was on his way to success.

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Gettin’ Hyphy, so Hot Right Now!

August 10, 2010

By Sydney Goldberg

26 skateboarders in five days, my brother kept count.

As I brought my skateboard into the shuttle that would take us to the Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf, the Israeli driver asked how long I had been skateboarding for. I told him since I was thirteen, and he smiled while enthusiastically sharing that his son of 7-years-old had just started skating. We discussed my fascination with the historical San Francisco skate spots, Potrero Skatepark, EMB, and Third and Army. He took out his cellphone, and showed me a video of his son tic tacking on flatground. That day I knew I was going to like this city.

I had never been to Northern California, just to Huntington Beach, which is a fantasy world. The surfers and beach babes are perfectly tan and ripped. GTL, “Jersey Shore fans. As much as I loved Huntington, I stuck out like a sore thumb. Here’s this chick from Illinois who is pale as hell, thinks 60 degrees is warm, does not have blonde hair and a yellow polka dot bikini to match.

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This Week in Awesome – August 6, 2010

August 6, 2010

This past weekend was the X Games. A staple of the action sports calendar year. Some of the highlights included:
– TWO FMX Double backflips. Travis Pastrana & Cam Sinclair
PLG takes out the Flying Tomato on his way to double vert gold
– Jamie Bestwick 4-peats in BMX Vert
– Garrett Reynolds 3-peats in BMX Street
– Ryan Sheckler wins Skate Street
– 15 year old rising star Pedro Barros wins skate park

A set of bars that even Ryan Nyquist couldn’t spin

After defeating Shaun White at the X Games, PLG also stole his Wheaties box

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Curren Caples – Take Notice

August 4, 2010

By: Ty Daku


So, I’ve been a little under the weather as of late. This can fully be attributed to 3 solid weeks of “promotional work” aka unreal parties and very little sleep.

It did however give me a chance to soak up a bunch of social media and all kinds of videos and picture on the worldwide Internet. I spent this past weekend the same way everyone else in our world did, watching the sixteenth edition of the Summer X Games.

I saw what people are calling a changing of the guard, the next generation, and the evolution of skateboarding. A few kids caught my eye and I really want to focus on one. If you haven’t heard of Curren Caples just yet, you will…Very, very soon. The 14 year-old Ventura, Ca native is making a splash in the action sports world to say the VERY least. Entering into the skate park event as the youngest ever competitor is a feat in itself, having a very serious shot at winning is a whole other can of Red Bull.


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Work now, ride later?

August 3, 2010

By Trent Egbert

After sharing my experiences with injuries in one of my brother Derek’s latest expression session posts, I was given the opportunity to continue blogging for Alli Sports.  At first I was excited to get down to business and start writing whatever I wanted, but being a full-time college student with finals just around the corner I have found it very difficult to write anything.  I apologize for the delay, but it has actually inspired me to write what I’m about to share with you.

How could I not miss this?

As I mentioned in my last post, I am a motocross addict.  There is nothing about this sport that I do not enjoy.  I went to the San Francisco and Salt Lake supercross races this year, I love going to the X-Games, and going to the national races.  I regularly check RacerXonline, Transworld Motocross, VitalMX, and even for updates and news on my most beloved sport/hobby.   I play MX vs. ATV Reflex on Xbox LIVE almost everyday to help me get through this tragic time in my life while my dirt bike is over 850 miles away from me.  (My gamertag is Bermbuster, just in case any of you are in the same pathetic situation as I am.)

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Sometimes all you can do is pretend it's real.

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