Pierce Howell and Parker Heath, Future Stars of BMX!

July 29, 2010

By Brian Beagle

At the Gatorade Free Flow Tour stop in Perris, CA on June 24, 2010, I was lucky enough to meet Pierce Howell and Parker Heath. They are best friends from right here in San Diego, call Krause Family YMCA skate/bike park their home park (mine too!), and completely rip it up on their bikes. In Perris, Pierce won the Junior Division and Parker placed 3rd. Recently I was able to meet up with both of them at the park, get some shots, and ask them a few questions.

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Sun Diego Vans Am Stop #3!

July 29, 2010

By Brian Beagle

The Sun Diego Vans Am Slam hit Chula Vista on 7/17/10 for the third stop of the tour. The tour culminates with a championship contest at the Vans skatepark in O.C. If you are not familiar with this tour, take it from me that you need to get out to the next stop on 8/28/10 at the Carmel Valley skatepark. There is incredible amateur skating happening right here in San Diego. You will not believe how amazing these skaters are. These riders will melt your face with amazing tricks and powerful skating. Each stop I am blown away that the riders can keep up this level of riding stop after stop.
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Dew Tour Spectating, so Hot Right Now (literally)!

July 27, 2010

By Sydney Goldberg

Sydney’s Dew Tour Cam

An endless supply of beef jerky and power bars end in a woozy stomach.

Now, an endless supply of Jamie Bestwick, Mike Spinner, and Brett “Maddog” Banasiewicz, end in explaining to my mother why the risk of a massive farmer’s tan, from standing outside for eight hours, is totally worth it.

The 2010 Nike 6.0 BMX Open in Chicago, Ill. was overwhelming in a good way. There were cute girls in short shorts, telling you to drink blue and purple Mountain Dew, bull riding, two micro skateparks, V.I.P. sections, media sections, and muddy sections (Thank you, Chicago rain).

A week prior to day two of this event, I knew absolutely zilch about biking. Three days pre-Dew I had the local biker groms testing me on the ins and outs of BMX politics.

Cashroll anyone?

Random BMX tidbits I now know.

  • When you cannot pronounce Brett’s last name,  just go with Brett “Banana Sandwich” Banasiewicz.
  • Jamie Bestwick is unstoppable with five Dew Tour cups under his belt, and well on his way to another one.
  • The “Cashroll” trick was originally invented by Daniel Dhers but Mr. Sandwich landed one as well, boom roasted.

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Are you ready, Chicago? BMX is coming!

July 24, 2010

By Brian Vasquez

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Dew Tour is coming back to Chicago (http://www.allisports.com/dew-tour/event/nike-6-0-bmx-open-2010) and bringing the swing with more BMX action.  Now last year, I remember seeing some “Legalize BMX” slogans wandering through the crowd, and even a petition or two.  I managed to get in touch with a group here in Chicago that managed to get a foothold to making that happen.

Say hi to the Riverview Trails (also referred to as the Garden Jumps) on the northside of Chicago, by Lane Tech High School.  The Riverview name comes from the amusement park that used to stand where the Clark Park now is.  In fact, a number of the lines at the trails also take their name from the former amusement park roller coasters:  Aero-Stat, Space, Comet (personally my favorite name), Wild Mouse, Derby, Shoot the Chutes, and Flying Cars.

I managed to get in touch with a couple of the volunteers who maintain the trails, Eric Block and Matt VanAcker.  They were nice enough to have a few words with me, and Eric even took a day to do some runs for video and photographic purposes in order to give me a better idea of how it looks when the jumps are being used.

Here’s the word directly from them about the Riverview Trails, the issues regarding BMX in Chicago, and other thoughts:

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This Week in Awesome – July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010

I know I neglected Twitter for the last 10 days, but I had to focus on another gig. For that I am sorry, however, that doesn’t mean I can’t pull together an AWESOME! post.

Yesterday at the Nike 6.0 BMX Open I was able to put together a couple of .gifs for everyone
Mike Spinner: Tailwhip on the quarter pipe
Zack Warden: 360 Bikeflip aka The Iron Lotus
Andy Buckworth: 900

Your friend and mine Sydney Goldberg pointed your attention to Killian Martin. Anytime I come across that video I can’t help but watch it again and again and again

May be a little old, but Awesome nonetheless. The indomitable Brian Beagle with a post about TRIPLE corks

Speaking of Winter Dew. We just announced the three stops for next season
December 16-19 Breckenrdige
January 20-23 Killington
February 10-13 Snowbasin
And did I mention the 22 ft halfpipe will be making it’s Winter Dew Tour debut?

There is nothing better that unintentional comedy (except Oreo Cookie Milkshakes, but just go with me for a second). This is a scene from Police Academy 4 featuring a young David Spade playing a rebel skateboarder. I love how sneers “This is skateboarding” which kicks off an epic 80s style montage (Ed. Note: MONTAGE)

Not just Parkour. Not just Dog Parkour. Japanese Dog Parkour. No joke.

Video of Tampa news reporter trying to get his George Costanza on and play frogger on a vert ramp. He fails and runs over a little guy

“Wheeeeeeee!” It is never too early to get your baby on a skateboard

Luke Parslow explains how to pull a Superman. He’s not scared to fly. He’s not that naive. He’s just trying to find. The better part of him. He’s more than a bird, he’s more than a plane, he’s more than a pretty face besides a train. It’s not easy to be Luke Parslow
/Five for Fighting

The .com has a great interview with back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back Dew Cup champion Jamie Bestwick

If you’ve always wondered what goes down in a conversation among pros, here’s a glimpse of one between wakeskaters Scotty Byerly and Brandon Thomas

The adventures of the giant skateboard at Woodward.

Jeffrey Schmid works a Simpson reference into a post about the late Carlsbad Gap. I am all for any and all Simpson’s references. It’s so hard to say good bye to yesterday.


Kilian Martin, so Hot Right Now!

July 12, 2010

by Sydney Goldberg

Visual Effects/Digital Design Artist Brett Novak collaborated with Kilian Martin to create what many call a skate masterpiece.

If you are unaware of Novak’s previous work,  does Lil Wayne‘s “Lollipop” music video ring a bell?  Lakai‘s “Fully Flared”?

Martin is Spain’s answer to Freestyle skateboarding.

Treated as some sort of spectacle like Death Skateboards Professional Skateboarder Richie Jackson, Martin is underrated as a legitimate skateboarder.

My introduction to Martin was not through any skateboarding venue but rather CollegeHumor.com. College Humor featured Novak’s “A Skate Escalation” Short Skate Film, that everyone has seen at least once…

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Double Corks Rock, but Triple Corks are Smokin’!

July 7, 2010

By Brian Beagle

You saw Shaun White, Kevin Pearce, Louie Vito, Danny Davis, and others doing double corks in the half pipe at the events leading up to the Olympics. I cannot tell you the amount of work, dedication, and brass ones it takes to throw a double cork in the first place, but all of the riders above threw them in their runs. An interesting little factoid, Kevin and Danny are members of the same crew, Frends. If you have been paying attention, you would think Louie is a Frend too, but he is not officially listed at the site. Louie definitely pals around with them at least. If you are not familiar with these tricks or the riders, Kevin Pearce and Danny Davis both suffered crippling injuries and did not make it to the Olympics to give Shaun the challenge of a lifetime. That said, Kevin was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, you should sign up and vote for him here.

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