#TYFO with Zoo York

Tweet Your Face Off with Zoo York (@ZOOYORKINST)
Thursday, June 17th, 2010

“Tweet Your Face Off” is a weekly interview series hosted by @AlliSports on twitter where the fans have their chance to weigh in by submitting questions to the guest. Follow Alli Sports on twitter and send in your own questions next week for the chance to win cool prizes!

Born out of the vision to keep the spirit of skateboarding and graffiti alive and well on the East Coast, Rodney Smith launched Zoo York in 1993. The company is backed by the Zoo Crew which includes original NYC graffiti artists, designers, musicians, new and old school skateboarders, and some of the biggest names in the BMX and surf communities. Zoo York is a family of individuals who share the common goal of leading a fulfilling life based on what they love to do. One of the biggest names in the Zoo Crew is 16-year-old skateboarding phenom Chaz Ortiz. Chaz Ortiz won the Gatorade Free Flow Tour in 2007, and followed that up by winning the skate park Dew Cup in 2008, his rookie year on the Dew Tour.

That buzz you hear is not a vuvuzela, but rather the return of #TYFO

Our guest this week is @ZOOYORKINST represented by their brand manager, @SeamusDeegan

I’ve got a Zoo York Deck, Hat & T-Shirt up for grabs so send in those questions for a chance to win

Q: On a scale of 1-10, How awesome is the movie Face-Off?

A: hahaha, great starter…pretty awesome c’mon its Nic Cage!

A: Friend of the @ZOOYORKINST @anthonyshetler could be a good stunt/body double actually for Cage

Q: What would be the first animal you would get for a Zoo York Zoo?

A: well probably some pigeons, rats and cockroaches for sure but being its in NYC they are already there. Hah

I’d go with a Liger. Part Lion. part Tiger. All Awesome

Q from @thejakernaut: How are you spending go skateboarding day? (Monday June 21)

A: Morning of flying back from Chicago (@GFFT Warp stop and filming with Chaz) afternoon its NYC #GSD

NYC Go Skateboarding Day 2010 http://www.zooyork.com/blog/nyc-go-skateboarding-day-2010/

Q: What is your favorite thing about New York City?

A: where to begin:skating everywhere (no need to drive), the new skateparks, FOOD, 24/7 EVERYTHING, nowhere like NYC in world!


Amen. I second that

Q from @bmirano: Congrats on Rookie of the Year Brandon Westgate. Who will be the next ROY from Zoo York?

A: Thanks! We are so hyped! We have a pretty good track record (@zered1 in ’05) and Brandon now which is amazing!

A: As for next…Chaz gets my vote but hes still AM, right?? (hint hint)

Q from @Ridertech & @dmills3: Where is your favorite place to skate?

A: NYC of course but we get to go on some great tours and see so many good places. China was dope.

Q: If you could choose anyone to narrate your life, who would you pick?

A: my life no idea…but for Zoo York we gotta go with some epic NYCer like Deniro or legendary Yankees announcer Bob Sheppard

Morgan Freeman is always a solid answer. But you might have topped him there with those two

Q from @evico: Goofy footed or normal stance

A: well most ZOO guys are Regular including myself but we have a few goofys too

The FML Subway stop made news this wk http://bit.ly/bD8BQ2, Q from @zarrinalam: What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in NYC?

A: haha that stop is right by @ZOOYORKINST.

A: everyday is something crazy really, hard to pick just one. Just walking down street is nuts who/what u see.

Q from @letsgolakers086: Who’s going to win the world cup this year? (Ed. Note: I’ll tell you who won’t win. France)

A: 1st. Go Celtics! As for World Cup, think either Brasil or Italy could do it but maybe the US. They are playing pretty well

RT @letsgolakers086 aw man. lakers all day!!

Q from @jrisnotkool: Does Zoo York consider themselves the Jay-Z of the skateboard game? Like moguls?

A: hmm…if you mean world recognized and based in NYC then ya sure…but Jay is Jay and ZOO is ZOO know what i mean

A: Much respect to Jay though.

That’s all the time we have. Big thanks to @ZOOYORKINST & @SeamusDeegan. And thanks to all of you for the questions

Check out @SteezOrtiz and the rest of the @ZOOYORKINST team on their website http://bit.ly/cltQ2p

I leave you with these inspiring words from a vuvuzela: “Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzz Buzzzzzzzz”

big thanks to everyone for the questions, that was fun. Peace!

For more, follow Alli Sports, Zoo York, and Seamus Deegan on twitter!

A double dose of #TYFO is coming next week. Starting this off on Tuesday is an interview with pro motocross racer, Andrew Short, who is coming off a 2nd place finish overall last week at High Point during the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Series. What do you want to know from Andrew? Send us your questions!


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