Torstein Horgmo Triple Corks to Gold

January 29, 2011

If you were keeping up with the 2011 Winter X Games, you’d know that history was made Friday, January 28th by 23-year-old Norwegian snowboarder, Torstein Horgmo.

Horgmo already laid down the first Triple Cork in June and it went viral, but Torstein pulls it again. Time time in a contest; first ever in a contest. Specifically, the Snowboard Big Air Finals of Winter X Games.

The trick was spectacular, mesmerizing, crazy, amazing, fantastic, insane and any other adjective that means something around awesome.

Although the trick wasn’t as stylish as the first time he pulled it in June, it was still great (take into consideration that the X Games Big Air jump was smaller, and icy).  Not to mention, Torstein had a slight concussion and broken ribs. Horgmo is a machine, who else can land a Triple Cork when their injured?

Horgmo wasn’t even expected to unleash the Triple Cork during the contest, but nonetheless the trick obviously scored a high score and sealed the deal for gold.

Yep, this is progression.


Molly Lewis, so Hot Right Now!

January 1, 2011

By Sydney Goldberg

Photo: Mrs. Lewis

“Longboarding isn’t for girls?” is the title of the Original Skateboards YouTube video that brought Lewis to my attention. She is a member of the Original Skateboards junior team and has inherited Ian Joe Dutch‘s surfer style with a mix of Brian Bishop‘s trick technicality.

You can find her perfecting her longboard dancing under the Bloomington, N.C. streetlights. “It helps with my style doing things when I can’t see well,” said Lewis. Her high school varsity lacrosse practice ends at 7:00 p.m., forcing her to surf the dusk concrete waves.

Adequate style is one aspect of boarding that is non-negotiable to Lewis. Working on a specific trick until she can perform it with her “hands behind her back and her eyes shut,” is what helps her go to sleep at night.

She is both a surfer and skateboarder, so becoming a longboarder was only natural. Similar to her predecessor, surfer Larry Bertlemann, Lewis is out to start a revolution.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥

Amanda Powell, so Hot Right Now!

January 1, 2011

Interview by Sydney Goldberg

Explain what emotions went through your head after seeing yourself in the Concrete Wave Magazine 2010 Holiday Edition?

I felt proud for getting a shot in the Concrete Wave. I had never been in a magazine before that. I was stoked to be on a page with my friends Brian Bishop and Petter Reinem. They are big inspirations to me, and we all had an awesome weekend together, in New York, at the Broadway Bomb and Style Sessions.

What did securing the Style Sessions Best Female Rider title mean to you?

The title is cool because it was rider voted, so I feel respected by the talented people I was skating with at Style Sessions. There was only one other lady competing, Micku Murgolo, and she was throwing down some crazy technical slides. The event itself was much sweeter than the title though. Uncle Funkys Boards organizes this small slide jam every year, the morning after the Broadway Bomb in NYC. It was full of diversity, positivity, and a lot of style, so it was definitely a fun event to be a part of.

How do you and boyfriend Dane Webber motivate each other?

Huge slides, haha. Dane gets me to push my longboarding forward all the time, like bringing me to skate downhill spots I’d never considered trying and deciding to sign me up for the Style Sessions competition. He’s very knowledgeable about all things skateboarding, so he gives me really good advice on board setups, trick help, etc. I keep him on his toes by humiliating him at ping-pong and making sure he drinks plenty of cranberry juice.

Photo: Sam Weaver
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Selfish Skateboards, so Hot Right Now!

December 23, 2010

By Sydney Goldberg

Photo: Russ Sakuri

Click, click, click. Selfish, Selfish, Selfish. Selfish on every page, every blog, and in every magazine. Just when everyone thought professional skateboarder Jereme Rogers was long gone doing some rap shindig or guest starring on the Bad Girls Club TV show, he decides to create Selfish Skateboards. Um okay, hold up.

Newsflash: the hype isn’t focused on Rogers’ retirement or comeback anymore but who’s ON Selfish. Each member’s story will reveal why the Selfish Skateboards team is so hot right now!
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Albert Nyberg, so Hot Right Now!

November 13, 2010

Interview by Sydney Goldberg

Photos by Michael Johansson

You took the American skateboarding world by storm. What planet did you come from?

Did not know that. I come from Nocomplytron, in a small village called Casperville, but actually Sweden.

Why did you choose the song “Sticks And Stones” by Jónsi for your Newsoul Skateboards Promo?

I love Jónsi, and I wanted a different kind of feeling in my skate part, so I went with “Sticks and Stones.” It´s not the most usual choice for a skate part, but it seemed to fit me.

Okay so everybody wants to know, where did you get that Elmo sweater?

Yeah, that Elmo sweater. I spotted it at H&M in Linköping with a friend, and it was a must buy. Elmo rocks!

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Chaz Ortiz, so Hot Right Now!

October 17, 2010

By Sydney Goldberg

Photo by Sydney Goldberg

“It’s kinda weird, in a sick way, seeing Chaz become the skater he is. I remember growing up, like age nine or ten, doing my first contests, competing with him,” said Warp Skatepark teammate and 2010 Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals participant Miles Canavello. “It was crazy; he was always super consistent and kickflipped everything in sight. Now he’s one of the biggest pros, always getting top three in all contests. It’s super tight to see him make it in skateboarding. He definitely is making his homies and stuff proud. He’s killing it.”

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Double Corks Rock, but Triple Corks are Smokin’!

July 7, 2010

By Brian Beagle

You saw Shaun White, Kevin Pearce, Louie Vito, Danny Davis, and others doing double corks in the half pipe at the events leading up to the Olympics. I cannot tell you the amount of work, dedication, and brass ones it takes to throw a double cork in the first place, but all of the riders above threw them in their runs. An interesting little factoid, Kevin and Danny are members of the same crew, Frends. If you have been paying attention, you would think Louie is a Frend too, but he is not officially listed at the site. Louie definitely pals around with them at least. If you are not familiar with these tricks or the riders, Kevin Pearce and Danny Davis both suffered crippling injuries and did not make it to the Olympics to give Shaun the challenge of a lifetime. That said, Kevin was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, you should sign up and vote for him here.

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