The Autumn Bowl, so Hot Right Now!

October 29, 2010

By Sydney Goldberg

Ebay, didn’t work? Two months after the Autumn Bowl went on sale, the fate of this Brooklyn, N.Y. “skatemark” is decided. Autumn Skateshop Owner Dave Mims‘ creation will be reassembled in a Chicago, Ill. skatepark. Ironically, when the story first broke, I made a YouTube video about Buffalo Grove, Ill. skateboarder Brett Weinstein’s past experience there.

Official Autumn Bowl Update

Also, I contacted the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe.

Hi Mr. Benepe,

The Autumn Bowl which is an historical private skateboard spot in Brooklyn is being sold for 15,000. Tony Hawk, and every other professional skateboarder has graced the ramp. What would it take for the city of New York to buy this property? Would it be possible?

Thank you for your time,
Sydney Goldberg

Deputy Director of Brooklyn Capital Projects Michael Lavery responded:

Dear Ms. Goldberg:

Commissioner Benepe asked me to respond to your correspondence of August 20th regarding the Autumn Bowl. Acquiring property such as this would require a substantial amount of funding. The Department of Parks and Recreation does not receive discretionary capital funds. Rather, we depend on local elected officials to allocate funding to perform acquisitions such as this. If you so wish to do so, you may contact the elected officials that represent this area and request this project be funded.


One last thought,

House of Vans= the new Autumn Bowl?

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


Skate Betties, so Hot Right Now!

October 24, 2010

By Sydney Goldberg

I posted the video above as my Facebook status, after I saw it in the Loaded Newsletter email.

These are the heated comments I received:

Person 1: Hecccccccck yeah longboards!

Person 2: Even though these girls are no Ysabella, the video rocks, and it can spread stoke to other girl riders knowing there’s more of them out there.

Person 3:  Dang, all my future girl friends in one video…

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Chaz Ortiz, so Hot Right Now!

October 17, 2010

By Sydney Goldberg

Photo by Sydney Goldberg

“It’s kinda weird, in a sick way, seeing Chaz become the skater he is. I remember growing up, like age nine or ten, doing my first contests, competing with him,” said Warp Skatepark teammate and 2010 Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals participant Miles Canavello. “It was crazy; he was always super consistent and kickflipped everything in sight. Now he’s one of the biggest pros, always getting top three in all contests. It’s super tight to see him make it in skateboarding. He definitely is making his homies and stuff proud. He’s killing it.”

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Brett Banasiewicz Tweets His Face Off

October 13, 2010

Tweet Your Face Off with Brett Banasiewicz (@imaddog9)
Wednesday October 13, 2010

“Tweet Your Face Off” is a weekly interview series hosted by @AlliSports on twitter where the fans have their chance to weigh in by submitting questions to the guest. Follow Alli Sports on twitter and send in your own questions next week for the chance to win cool prizes!

Brett Banasiewicz made his Dew Tour in 2009 and finished 11th overall in BMX Park with a 3rd place finish in SLC. In 2010, not only did he qualify to ride both Park and Dirt, but he also won the first two dirt comps of the season. This year in Portland, he nearly became the 3rd rider to win two events at the same stop when he finished 2nd in BMX Park. Brett comes to Vegas with the BMX Dirt points lead and hopes to take home the Dew Cup. He took some time on Wednesday to Tweet His Face Off with us.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, How awesome is the movie Face-Off?

A: i havent even seen it, but when i do, ill tell you what i think

Q: You just turned 16. Did you get your learner’s permit & did you buy yourself a car yet?

A: i haven’t been home enough to take the driving test 😦 and no i haven’t gotten a car yet, maybe #subaru will help me out

Q from @ridertech: Where is your favorite place to ride?

A: my favorite place is probably @davemirra‘s animal house, with dave and @danieldhers

Q: If you were old enough to gamble, what number would you bet on the roulette wheel this weekend (0 thru 36) and why?

A: i would choose…… uhmm 16. cause i just turned 16 🙂

Sounds like a good tip. If I win on 16, I’ll give you a percentage

50% works

Q: Growing up in South Bend, how did you get into BMX and not Notre Dame Football?

A: i guess football just wasnt my game~plan and i loved riding bikes, and not throwing pig skin

Q: Do you have any pre-contest superstitions?

A: putting my pads on my legs, right to left, thats it

Q: If your iPod were to get erased today, what is the first thing you would put back on

A: the new @liltunechi “i am not a human” mixtape. i lovelove weezy #freeweezy, and the new @BostonsBoy mixtape. #goeshard

Q: You told us about the double rainbow in SLC. Will we see one all the way across the sky in Vegas?

A: i will see what i can do here for #vegasss

Q from @Bmx_Kitchen: What is the double rainbow?

A: The double rainbow is amazing, and I dont know what it means, the Double Rainbow is a cashroll nohander

Q: When you got the message from @RyanNyquist saying he learned the cashroll, what did you think?

A: A: i was actually with @Danieldhers when i got the message, we both listened to it on speaker and had a good laugh 🙂

Q from @RobArmour123: Why did you have to take my underwear this morning?

A: cause it was my underwear in the first place, @ethika most amazing underwear

Q from @zarrinalam: How did you get the nickname Maddog?

A: i used to wear a helmet with pull over puppy ears, i wish i had a picture

Q from @jessicat27: Would u ever switch from ridin BMX dirt comps to ridin FMX or other Motocross comps?

A: probably not, im not very great on a motorbike hahah

Q from @livordie: What’s it like to have @catfishcatfish as your mentor and road dad?

A: lets just say. i wouldnt have been half the places i have been with out him, mad props to gramps

Q from @bradrocks1469: If you were required to ride someone else’s bike whose would you ride?

A: probably my boy @RobArmour123, his bike or @Danieldhers so i can maybe bust his back wheele:)hahahah just kiddin

Q from @nicksummerlot: what are you wearing?

A: @Rockstar_Energy hat, @etniesBMX shirt an shoes, @levis 510 cords, brown and nike socks

Q from @robarmour123: Who would win in a fight, a taco or a grilled cheese?

A: I’d have to choose a taco, no doubt.

Q from @Bmx_kitchen: What r u goin to do with the mopeds we just rented and r bein dropped off now?

A: gonna RIDE!!!!

Last Question: from @hiimkaylaaa: What’s impacted you most in life?

A: traveling the world doing what i love, i couldnt ask for more and i thank everyone that has helped with erything!

Thanks for joining us today Brett. Enjoy those mopeds and best of luck this weekend. I’ll let you know how 16 goes.

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Girls Riders Organization, Inc., so Hot Right Now!

October 10, 2010

Photos & Words By: Sydney Goldberg

The photographs below were taken 2.5 years ago when the Girls Riders Organization, Inc. (GRO) Founder, Courtney Payne-Taylor, was in town. Check out this survey she sent me:

1. What has GRO meant to you?

GRO made me move to Bloomington, Ind.

2. What is the best part of GRO?

It encourages girls to get down and dirty on the ramps.

3. What could make GRO even better?


4. What has being an action sports athlete meant in your life?

It has given me somewhere to fit in. It has shown me the world. GRO has enabled me to meet people of all social status, religion, and race. It has let me be myself.

5. What inspired you to learn to ride?

My boredom with society’s standard of what a girl should be.

6. What was your biggest fear and how did you get over it?

My biggest fear was speed, and I got over it by realizing I could take baby steps.

7. What would you tell another girl who is interested in learning to ride?

Do it because you have nothing to lose! Life is too short to regret anything.

8. What has riding taught you?

How to act outgoing, confident, determined, and strong.

9. What would you like to share?

Without skateboarding I don’t know where I’d be. It was the one thing that nobody could take away from me. Sometimes, skating is the only activity that makes me happy. After you have a great skate session, your day seems perfect.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥

College, so Hot Right Now!

October 3, 2010

By Sydney Goldberg

I can’t sleep but it’s okay.

Eight of my new friends await me at the parking garage across from Subway. The spiral rollercoaster is deserted except for a few cars and minuscule rocks that season the area. Lets skate to the top where the sky is pure black. Street lamps reveal which way is down. Triple Eight slide gloves keep my hands safe, while I touch the asphalt. We wind down each corner staying in a pack. Cars back out, even when midnight strikes. “Make yourself big,” Colby said. That is how you avoid getting hit but I crouch into a ball instead. Speed takes time to get used to. Every so often, I drag my thick Nike heel on the pavement to break. Eight of my new friends await me at the dead end of the parking garage across from the School of Optometry.

I can’t sleep because I’m finally free.

Search “IU Longboarding” on Facebook to join.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥