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Brian Beagle is a regular guy who builds things for a living and loves action sports. If the two would come together he would be a very happy person.

When he is not in the shop, on the road as a sales rep, or scouring the Internet for content on his blog streetjesus.net, Tyler Daku is most likely getting wet behind a buddy’s boat, racking out on a jib somewhere or cruising the streets on a bamboo fishtail.

Derek Egbert has been an action sports junkie for years. His first love is motocross but everything else falls in a close second place. He grew up riding dirt bikes in California but also loves to mountain bike, snowboard (in Utah!), surf, etc. He’s been privileged to witness things like the double backflip, Colin McRae’s X Games Rally roll, epic supercross battles, and much more.

Sydney Goldberg lives to skateboard and skateboards to live. When she picked up her first camera at 16-years-old, she knew that working in the Action Sports industry was her destiny. An avid traveler, Sydney’s passion for boarding has taken her to Italy, Canada, and even Montana! She enjoys sharing her experiences through photography, writing, and video.

Jeffrey Schmid has been riding a snowboard since the age of nine, and he loves it more now than he did then. He is also an avid skateboarder, and spends his time heavily immersed in the action sports scene in Western Canada. A true shop kid, and a strong believer that action sports is the answer to all of life’s problems.

You can expect the unexpected from Zarrin Alam. She considers herself probably the most spontaneous person you’d ever meet. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. As a sophomore in high school living in a small town in North Carolina, the girl called “Shorty” has become pretty famouus for being 4’7″ tall. She loves action sports, even if doesn’t participate, and that passion has led her here.

Brian Vasquez likes the mainstream sports, but wants to look at the untold stories of some of Chicagoland’s niche communities you might not hear about otherwise. He describes himself as a Ninja Warrior one-day hopeful who’s not the most athletic chicken in the coop, but hopes that makes his stories much more real. Look for posts on parkour, NERF, and whatever else he finds.


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