Anthony Shetler’s Shoe Release Video Part

June 1, 2011

By: OhioSkateUniv

Shetler drops off a second dope part this year. Go buy his shoe and check out his clothing line here!

“It’s Your World”: Shetler’s World (Free Download)

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Shane O’Neill & The Skate Mentality

May 26, 2010

By OhioSkateUniv

As everyone who skateboards is aware, The Berrics and Skate Mental released a digital download of Shane O’Neill’s unreleased video part. It was hyped up on The Berrics as being one of the best video parts ever, as judged by “legitimate” pros, and then was put up for the sale price of $2.99. This began an internet debate of “Why should I pay for this?” and “Steve Berra is taking over skateboarding”. […]