Osiris Shoes Introduce Kellen James

June 3, 2012

By: OhioSkateUniv

Kellen James found himself a new shoe sponsor after the shutdown of eS Footwear in 2011. Check out the introduction video Osiris put together for Kellen above.

éS x SK8MAFIA x Kellen James Square Two Commercial

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éS x SK8MAFIA x Kellen James Square Two Commercial

December 10, 2010

By OhioSkateUniv


Sk8Mafia put together this dope commercial for the latest colorway of eS’ Square Two. eS has a long-standing tradition of combining  technology and function to bring you shoes equipped to handle any kind of skating you put them through. And, with Kellen James being at the forefront of tech skating, that should stand as enough proof that the Square Two is no exception.