Interview With Darren Harper

January 24, 2011

By: OhioSkateUniv

They go over some of the same material as I covered when I interviewed Darren but Jack Thriller keeps it entertaining, trust me.
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Chris Cole Officially On DC Shoes

January 14, 2011

By: OhioSkateUniv

Official DC Commercial.

It is official, Chris Cole has made the switch over to DC from Fallen. I’m looking forward to seeing where this new venture goes. Chris’ debut shoe is slated to drop Fall ’11.

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Avenues out of Adversity: Darren Harper Interview

September 7, 2010
By: OhioSkateUniv


Over the years, I’ve read countless interviews with skateboarders who seem to be riding the sponsor wave until it crashes. They speak candidly on the fact that they wake up day to day and skate if they feel like it. Darren Harper is not one of those skateboarders. Darren not only skates, but is a father who involves himself in charities, records and performs different kinds of music, and stays involved in his local skateboarding scene. When speaking with Darren, you understand that his family, friends and community are the things that are important to him. Coming from the ghetto of Washington DC, Darren shows us that there are multiple avenues out of adversity and every lane is worth dipping into as long as you maintain a knowledge of what you come from and where you’re going.
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Kilian Martin, so Hot Right Now!

July 12, 2010

by Sydney Goldberg

Visual Effects/Digital Design Artist Brett Novak collaborated with Kilian Martin to create what many call a skate masterpiece.

If you are unaware of Novak’s previous work,  does Lil Wayne‘s “Lollipop” music video ring a bell?  Lakai‘s “Fully Flared”?

Martin is Spain’s answer to Freestyle skateboarding.

Treated as some sort of spectacle like Death Skateboards Professional Skateboarder Richie Jackson, Martin is underrated as a legitimate skateboarder.

My introduction to Martin was not through any skateboarding venue but rather College Humor featured Novak’s “A Skate Escalation” Short Skate Film, that everyone has seen at least once…

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Brent Atchley Rewind

May 14, 2010

By OhioSkateUniv

I just came across an interview with Brent Atchley over at ESPN Skateboarding and it turns out that Brent is no longer on Element. I don’t doubt that Brent will soon be realigned with sponsors but during his sponsor downtime we should be reminded why Brent went pro in the first place and why we shouldn‘t count him out.

The skateboarding world was introduced to Brent Atchley via “Elementality Volume 1” where we watched him casually readjust our collective understanding of what skateboarding is really about. Soon after, he went pro for Element with a shiner of a Welcome Video, and came through with another video part in “This Is My Element” to add to his resume. […]