Flashbanger x Ohio Skate University Promotional Giveaway

November 22, 2010


Flashbanger Shades and Ohio Skate University are teaming up to do a promotional giveaway. Flashbanger Shades are based out of Ontario, Canada and you might remember that Nick Mullins mentioned them in his “Farewell” Update. It just so happens that Nick is the first rider on the Flashbanger team. Head over to their Facebook page ,”LIKE” it and under the “DISCUSSIONS” tab of the page will be a title called “PROMOTION” where you enter the promo code: “OHIOSKATE”. Winners will be selected randomly.


Get Familiar: Jon Nguyen

June 26, 2010

By OhioSkateUniv

I got the chance to meet Jon Nguyen during the 1st Annual Cowtown Showdown in Columbus, OH. Blueprint Skateboards were there to do a signing, a demo, and to judge the main competition all over a three-day span so I got to talk to him a number of times over the weekend. Jon seems like a laid back kind of guy and looked most at home riding his skateboard. His style on board is effortless, even when he lands a sketchy trick, it still has that style to it.

Recently, I came across some new footage of Jon skating, which prompted me to write this article. The video was raw footage from Revolution Wheels that had me awestruck a number of times. […]


June 3, 2010

By TC Kirkham

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a HUGE action sports fan. But as such, I’ve been waging a war with my local cable system for going on five years now, and it’s time to take it to the next level…


For the past five or so years, I have been sending my local Comcast cable system an email every four to six weeks asking them to please pick up Fuel-TV. And every time, I get back a form letter saying that they’re always making programming choices, and that Fuel-TV is not presently on their list of planned pickups. […]

Shane O’Neill & The Skate Mentality

May 26, 2010

By OhioSkateUniv

As everyone who skateboards is aware, The Berrics and Skate Mental released a digital download of Shane O’Neill’s unreleased video part. It was hyped up on The Berrics as being one of the best video parts ever, as judged by “legitimate” pros, and then was put up for the sale price of $2.99. This began an internet debate of “Why should I pay for this?” and “Steve Berra is taking over skateboarding”. […]

Brent Atchley Rewind

May 14, 2010

By OhioSkateUniv

I just came across an interview with Brent Atchley over at ESPN Skateboarding and it turns out that Brent is no longer on Element. I don’t doubt that Brent will soon be realigned with sponsors but during his sponsor downtime we should be reminded why Brent went pro in the first place and why we shouldn‘t count him out.

The skateboarding world was introduced to Brent Atchley via “Elementality Volume 1” where we watched him casually readjust our collective understanding of what skateboarding is really about. Soon after, he went pro for Element with a shiner of a Welcome Video, and came through with another video part in “This Is My Element” to add to his resume. […]