Adam Colton, so Hot Right Now!

November 1, 2010

10 Questions with Longboarding Extraordinaire Adam Colton

By Sydney Goldberg

Squat Down G-Turn

Photo by Jonathan Jelkin

1. Who is Adam Colton [no pun intended]?

A monster. A flat-out scary monster. A man who is scared of doorknobs. The kind of guy than can be mistaken as homeless at times. Underwear that are classified as rags. Someone who is very connected to the outdoors but can still manage to be on the computer a lot and not go crazy because he loves his job.  A person that is always guaranteed last place at any sort of trivia game. For the lack of pop culture or the latest trend knowledge I know, I might as well be living in the backcountry, haha. The kind of guy who will always admit to a fart and willingly let them loose. A fartbagger that likes to overly uses “hahaha” after sentences. Someone people think that is always on drugs but is never. When something goes wrong aliens are to blame. If you meet me in a dark alley, be afraid, and be prepared to battle. I like to move yet be still when it is earned. My friends call me idiot, stupid head, worthless.

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Skate Betties, so Hot Right Now!

October 24, 2010

By Sydney Goldberg

I posted the video above as my Facebook status, after I saw it in the Loaded Newsletter email.

These are the heated comments I received:

Person 1: Hecccccccck yeah longboards!

Person 2: Even though these girls are no Ysabella, the video rocks, and it can spread stoke to other girl riders knowing there’s more of them out there.

Person 3:  Dang, all my future girl friends in one video…

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