Chad Knight Retires

By: OhioSkateUniv

“I have known Chad for a very long time. I remember him being this little kid from Columbus Ohio that was getting flowed by H-Street. I have always known what an amazing skateboarder he is. Definitely one of those people you watch and just know “he’s got it”. Over his years as a professional Chad has given skateboarding some amazing moments. Beyond giving us all some gnarly skating he has given us all a really good guy that can back all of it up. I am very proud to have Chad be part of this team since day one.

Chad still kills it to this day but now has bigger and better things in his cross hairs. His retirement from professional skateboarding doesn’t mean the end of his shredding, only the beginning of a new professional journey all the while still ripping harder then some pros out there. Even though Chad will not have his name on a board anymore, I wouldn’t count him out. As long as he has the time and there is an open seat in the 1031 van, you just may see Chad show up at your local park and kill it!!
From all of us at Regulator Distribution, the old crew in Ohio to the skaters you have shared good times with around the world, thanks for all the blood you have donated to skateboarding!!
Hell yeah Chad! Always part of the 1031 crew!!
Kristian Svitak

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When not writing for Expression Session, you can find the writer posting daily at his own blog, Ohio Skate University and posting weekly at The Goodie Bag Blog.


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