Winter X Games: By the Numbers

Winter X Games Logo

10 – Kelly Clark became the first woman to land a 10 in competition

9 – Alex Schlopy pulled nine consecutive 180s in a single jump while double corking his way to Big Air Gold (aka DC 1620)

8 – The number of slopestyle and pipe riders who won their first X Games medal: Kaitlyn Farrington, Louie Vito, Tyler Flanagan, Seb Toots, Enni Rukajarvi, Torin Yater-Wallace, Russ Henshaw, Mark McMorris

7 – The number of Gold Medals won by Lindsey Jacobellis (2003-2005; 2008-2011)

6 – The number of Olympians that won Gold Medals at the X Games: Josh Deuck – Mono Skier X; Nick Baumgartner – SBX; Kelsey Serwa – Skier X; Shaun White – SNB Pipe; Kelly Clark – SNB Pipe; Lindsey Jacobellis – SBX

5 – Tucker Hibbert earns the five-peat in Snocross

4 – Shaun White earns the four-peat in Superpipe

3 – Triple Cork.

2 – The Moore brothers confuse the judges after pulling the 2 person backflip in best trick

1 – First Timers win Gold in Aspen. Seb Toots & Enni Rukajarvi in SNB Slopestyle. Alex Schlopy in Ski Big Air


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