Maloof Skateboarding High Ollie Challenge

By: OhioSkateUniv

Benjamin Ross at the Frederick, MD High Ollie Challenge

Today marked the launch of Maloof’s live High Ollie Challenges. Today’s two challenges were held at in Tampa, FL at SPoT and in Frederick, MD where Darren Harper and Benjamin Ross tied at a height of 41″ (the world record is 44.5″). Darren and Benjamin both get a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the semi-finals. If one of them makes it to the finals, there is $10,000 on the line. There are alot more events going down this month so check the schedule below to see if you can make it out to one to compete. If you can’t make it to any, there is an online contest and you can find the info for that at the bottom of the page.

14 skate shops are running regional contests throughout the month of January to see who can do the highest ollie.  One winner from each contest will be entered to compete against pro skateboarders at the semi-finals at Magic in Las Vegas, February 14th. We will also run a viral High Ollie contest through The contestant with the highest verifiable ollie will win one spot in the semi finals.  Semi-finals will consist of the 15 skaters and a group of pro skaters. Top 4 from the semi-finals will go on to the finals at the Palms Resort and Casino on the 15th. Grand prize is $10,000! Try to break the Guinness Book of World Records highest recorded ollie of 44.5″!
JAN 22nd:
Fredericks Skate Park – Frederick, MD
Skate Park of Tampa – Tampa, FL

JAN 23rd:
Derby Park – Santa Cruz, CA
City Park Under the Bridge – Wichita, KS

JAN 29th:
Cal’s Pharmacy – Portland, OR
Cowtown Skateboards – Tempe, AZ
North Hollywood Park – North Holywood, CA
The Pier Skatepark – Kennedale, TX
Liberty Boardshop – Brea, CA
Dianna Rose Skatepark – Overland Park, KS

JAN 30th:
Central Bucks Family YMCA Skate Park – Doylestown, PA
Below the Bridge Skatepark – Bayonne, NJ
Familia Skate Shop – Minneapolis, MN

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Avenues out of Adversity: Darren Harper Interview

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