Class Five Snowboards: Free Snowboard Sundays

By: Ty Daku


The year was 2005, and the idea was simple, build some of the World’s best snowboards in a place where snowboarding is far from a booming industry. In the six years since then Class Five Snowboards has become one of the leading manufacturer’s of handmade snowboards in the industry. A home grown company, Class Five has been on the cutting edge of snowboard design with everything from construction to graphics since their inception.

They have also helped grow snowboarding on a massive scale by helping launch the careers of kids like Mark McMorris, Craig McMorris and Kurtis Rothecker. In addition they have played a huge roll in the local snowboard scene by getting involved in contests throughout the prairies and giving shreds a local option in solid snow products.

Not all that long ago I was contacted by C5 regarding a contest they are running. They are taking the opportunity to help out even more snowboarders all over the place. From now until February 7, they are giving away a deck every Sunday. The winner will get their choice of either Class 5 park killer, the legendary men’s slayer The Electro-Lab or the new addition and ladies weapon of choice The Danger Danger. There are more than enough sizes to suit any riding style and will no doubt have you filled with joy from the top of the hill to the bottom.


This contest is open to EVERYONE, yes even our American friends! All you have to do is head over to the Class Five Facebook page and enter the contest. You can do it every day to increase you chance of receiving a nice little gift from the Canadian flatlands.

Get over to FB and get your hands on a brand new, hand-crafterd shred stick right now!



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