R.I.P. Craig Kelly

By: Ty Daku

I just posted this on my site as well, I thought those of you coming across it might enjoy the edit.  Today is a day in snowboard history we could all go without. R.I.P. Craig.


It has been one week since Burton opened the monumental and hugely influential “Craig’s Prototype Lab” in Burlington Vt.  Fitting of them to do so as Craig was one of the most, if not THE MOST influential snowboarders of our time.  Craig Kelly was basically the prototype for pro snowboarding as we know it, with signature product and lucrative endorsement deals. He also broke the mould when he became one of the pioneers of professional “Freeride” snowboarding.  Craig turned his back on the contest scene and focused his attention on conquering the entire mountain.  He showed the industry what it really means to love the ride and showed the world the soul of the sport.  Unfortunately for everyone who is involved in this passion we lost a hero eight years ago today.  Craig was living his dreams guiding in the back country when he was caught in an avalanche and lost his life.  Lucky for us his legacy will never be forgotten, the impression Craig left on the sport and the people who live it is something that will live on forever.

Thank you Craig


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