Chris Troy’s Barefoot In The Park & Adio’s Goodbye (Or Lack Thereof?)

By: OhioSkateUniv

From The Berrics:

Since Adio Footwear (a company I started with Jamie Thomas and Jeremy Wray in 1998) decided to fold their entire operation and kick everyone off the team the day before Thanksgiving, Chris Troy came to the park and showed us that he, in fact, skates better without Adio than with Adio. If you buy or wear a pair of Adio shoes in the future you are basically saying you hate skateboarding. — sb

This was posted on The Berrics yesterday but the bootleggers didn’t get it on Youtube until today. There was a small mention of Adio shutting down in Transworld’s latest issue but all it said was, “Adios to Adio”. There doesn’t seem to be any substantial public information regarding the events leading up to this but, the bottom line is there are a grip of skaters who are now free agents. Without that information, I can’t really give any of my own input but it would seem as though it was done in a roundabout way. As for the future of Chris Troy, I don’t think he’ll be hurting for too long.

When not writing for Expression Session, you can find the writer posting daily at his own blog, Ohio Skate University and posting weekly at The Goodie Bag Blog.


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