Winter Dew Tour: My Nike 6.0 Open Favorite Moments

2010-2011 Winter Dew Tour kicked off Dec. 16-19 with its first event, the Nike 6.0 Open.  The stop had some seriously epic moments, but here are three that just amazed me.

Number 3: The dumping snow during the whole comp was disastrous to the pros, and it was as seen in the Snowboard Superpipe Finals. However, there’s a reason why these guys are the pros, and Louie Vito proved it with his winning run.

Vito threw down a run that featured back-to-back doubles, a Crippler, Michalchuck, then into a fronstide 1080 and a Cab 720 on the last hit. Even though the run was packed with huge tricks, the reduced speed and impaired visibility caused problems, but he was a

ble to pull through. Vito got a 90.25, which was the only score in the 90s.  Props to Louie Vito!

Number 2: Kevin Pearce, a pro snowboarder who suffered a traumatic brain injury New Year’s Eve last year, made his first appearance at the Nike 6.0 Open.  It was great to see Kevin enjoying himself at the comp, supporting the other riders.  There wasn’t a single moment where Kevin didn’t have a smile on his face.

Kevin is one of the favorites of many snowboard fans, and is part of the Frends Crew. This was the first,  in a long time, that all of Frends Crew was present. They even had a huge Ustream webchat for fans to watch before the Dew Tour stop finals.

Kevin was joined by the rest of Frends Crew which includes Jack Mitrani, Mason Aguirre, Keir Dillon, Luke Mitrani, Danny Davis, and Scotty Lago.

Kevin Pearce inspires many people out there, and it was a touching moment to see him on television again. I was even a little choked up to see Allisport’s interview with Pearce, who revealed he wouldn’t be competing professionally anymore.

Top MOMENT: Simon Dumont’s spectacular run, to win Men’s Ski Superpipe Finals, was probably THE BEST run I’ve ever seen in a Superpipe final, even with not-so-great weather conditions.

Simon pulled a nearly flawless first run, but his binding got loose on his final hit. Frustration was obvious in his face (like REALLY obvious) , but his agent calmed down enough to convince the Dumont to take his second run.

Simon Dumont

Dumont started off with a huge Double Cork 1260, high above spectators’ heads, on the first hit. With a smooth landing, he went into a clean Right Side 900, and then sailing in for an immense Double Flip. On the fourth hit, Dumont set down a clean Alley-Oop 720, landing backwards to set up into a Switch 720. On the final hit, where Simon had trouble in the first run, he stomped out the Alley-Oop 540.

Dumont got a 94.50 for the run,  and won the final! It was truly that remarkable, and a well deserved win too. I was AWESTRUCK.

If you missed the first stop of the Winter Dew Tour, then don’t worry. There are still two more stops, including the next one in Killington, Vermont. Be sure to tune into NBC, USA, and/or MTV2 on January 20-23, 2011.


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