Molly Lewis, so Hot Right Now!

By Sydney Goldberg

Photo: Mrs. Lewis

“Longboarding isn’t for girls?” is the title of the Original Skateboards YouTube video that brought Lewis to my attention. She is a member of the Original Skateboards junior team and has inherited Ian Joe Dutch‘s surfer style with a mix of Brian Bishop‘s trick technicality.

You can find her perfecting her longboard dancing under the Bloomington, N.C. streetlights. “It helps with my style doing things when I can’t see well,” said Lewis. Her high school varsity lacrosse practice ends at 7:00 p.m., forcing her to surf the dusk concrete waves.

Adequate style is one aspect of boarding that is non-negotiable to Lewis. Working on a specific trick until she can perform it with her “hands behind her back and her eyes shut,” is what helps her go to sleep at night.

She is both a surfer and skateboarder, so becoming a longboarder was only natural. Similar to her predecessor, surfer Larry Bertlemann, Lewis is out to start a revolution.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


3 Responses to Molly Lewis, so Hot Right Now!

  1. LostSouls says:

    Nice to see girls pushing the sport. Loved the viedeo btw 😉

  2. izman20 says:

    Molly is so cool. So rad. Love her.

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