Amanda Powell, so Hot Right Now!

Interview by Sydney Goldberg

Explain what emotions went through your head after seeing yourself in the Concrete Wave Magazine 2010 Holiday Edition?

I felt proud for getting a shot in the Concrete Wave. I had never been in a magazine before that. I was stoked to be on a page with my friends Brian Bishop and Petter Reinem. They are big inspirations to me, and we all had an awesome weekend together, in New York, at the Broadway Bomb and Style Sessions.

What did securing the Style Sessions Best Female Rider title mean to you?

The title is cool because it was rider voted, so I feel respected by the talented people I was skating with at Style Sessions. There was only one other lady competing, Micku Murgolo, and she was throwing down some crazy technical slides. The event itself was much sweeter than the title though. Uncle Funkys Boards organizes this small slide jam every year, the morning after the Broadway Bomb in NYC. It was full of diversity, positivity, and a lot of style, so it was definitely a fun event to be a part of.

How do you and boyfriend Dane Webber motivate each other?

Huge slides, haha. Dane gets me to push my longboarding forward all the time, like bringing me to skate downhill spots I’d never considered trying and deciding to sign me up for the Style Sessions competition. He’s very knowledgeable about all things skateboarding, so he gives me really good advice on board setups, trick help, etc. I keep him on his toes by humiliating him at ping-pong and making sure he drinks plenty of cranberry juice.

Photo: Sam Weaver

Why did you choose Luminate as your sponsor?

Luminate Surf and Skate is the local skate and surf shop in my hometown, and my roots are deep there. Originally Levitate Surf and Skate was founded by Bob Pollard, a surf hero to the local skate and surf community. Bob died unexpectedly in 2006, but his stoke is still very alive through all the surfers and skaters he inspired.

The shop has always felt like home to me, and I’ve met so many great friends there. Luminate is now owned by a friend of mine, Dan Hassett, who keeps the good vibes flowing by carrying the best surf and skate gear in the area and organizing plenty of local events, such as beach clean ups and competitions.

When did you start longboarding?

I started longboarding in the spring of 2010, on my Loaded Dancer, so it’s been about nine months now. I’ve been skateboarding off and on for a decade, and I’ve been surfing for a few years; those skills translated to longboarding pretty well for me.

How does longboard dancing set you free?

I feel pretty free without longboard dancing, but there is definitely a liberating feeling that comes with being completely comfortable throwing your weight around all over a board, letting steps flow out. I longboard for transportation. I’ve been getting more into freeriding, and I just started dabbling in downhill. Dancing is the discipline that I can just enjoy without planning, expectation, fear, or anything else that’s easy to get caught up in. It gets my heart racing and puts a huge smile on my face. I just can’t get enough of it right now.

Which music gets you hyped?

Indie music gets me feeling real good. I’ve been listening to a lot of Caribou and Broken Social Scene lately.

How are you so damn good at pirouettes? Any tips?

I taught myself how to do them during a break at work. I usually pick one trick I really want to nail and dedicate a ten minute break to learning it. As for tips, it’s easier to learn it with your front foot (the one you are spinning on) already turned 90 degrees, so that your toes are pointing [toward] the nose of the board. You need a little speed and a lot of commitment.

When is new Amanda Powell footage dropping?

Probably next spring. Winter is in full gear here in Massachusetts, so unfortunately in the next couple months I’ll be more worried about finding a dry street than filming.

Why is giving and not expecting anything back an important rule of thumb?

Giving freely without expectations is an incredibly rewarding way to live life. If I can help someone out in any way, I just do it. It makes me feel good to be generous. I hope that maybe they will pass the positivity on by doing something good for someone else. Just making the effort to be a genuine and good human everyday, makes me feel successful in a way that no amount of money, job title, or material thing ever could.

Screenshot: Max Esposito

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying journalism, studio art, and art history. Twitter me ♥


7 Responses to Amanda Powell, so Hot Right Now!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    who the F is she?

  3. EC says:

    They are called spinners not “pirouettes!”

    • cody says:

      Nah dude they are called pirouettes. be on your toes dude, longboarding community is picking up terms quick, and stickin hard. You’re probably new to the scene. Look it up on the Loaded longboard tip videos on YouTube, they’re definitely called Pirouettes. I’ve been friends with Amanda for a while. Watched her go from a newb boarder to this ILL boarder that she is now.

      • EC says:

        They are spinners and it is walking the board not “dancing.” That’s what they have been called by skaters for 50 years and for longer than that by surfers.
        Pirouettes are gay.

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