DIY, so Hot Right Now!

Words by Sydney Goldberg with special guest Spencer Whitworth

Photography by Kelly Dolan and Tim Handley

Build boards, get babes!

For some people getting technical means doing freestyle longboard maneuvers or flip-in-flip-out skateboard tricks. Others know how to work with their hands, me not being one of them. Luckily, Silverfish Longboarding introduced me to longboarder Spencer Whitworth who has mad building skills. In a few easy steps, you will know how to shape and paint your very own board.

Snagging a few cute ladies to help: optional but highly recommended.


Four plies of 1/8 inch Baltic Birch

One craft paper roll

Krylon or Rust Oleum spray paint

Benjamin Moore or Ace Hardware brand exterior paint

Minwax stains

Manowar Spar Urethane clear coats.


Foam brush



Vice grips

Screw driver

One sandpaper sheet

Black and Decker jigsaw

Black and Decker finish sander

Power drill

“Some crazy dangerous power drill from the 70’s that I inherited,” said Whitworth. I have newer ones, but this one is way more fun.”


1. Purchase wood with allowance money.

2. Draw and cut board template out of craft paper

3. Glue plies together (One person holds the bottle while squeezing, and two people spread the glue around.)

“These jobs have been dubbed ‘clean hands’ and ‘dirty hands,'” said Whitworth. “Everyone wants to be clean hands.”

4. Slide board into press and tighten it down. Tempting, but don’t touch for 12-24 hours.

5. Trace template onto wood and cut with jigsaw

6. Sand down edges with sandpaper or sander

7. Clean off dust with rag

8. Paint base coat, spray paint, and clear coat. Let each coat dry for one hour.

9. Drill holes for hardware

10. Grip, mount, and kill it on the streets!

“Building boards for yourself and your friends, then getting the entire group to go bomb a hill, on all the boards you made, it’s a fucking amazing feeling,” said Whitworth.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


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