Twinterview with Willy Santos!

An @Mkbain Exclusive!

By Brian Beagle

Willy Santos (@WillySantos) is a San Diego skate legend.  He has been skating for well over 20 years, and if you have seen any of his many video parts you know this.  He owns and operates one of the best skate shops in the the city, Willy’s Workshop.  He shreds the Rancho Penasquitos skate park (that he helped get built) as often as you drink water, it does help it’s almost next door to his shop.  I feel extremely lucky he answered a few of my questions.

Q.  Who are your sponsors? (got to give them their plugs)

A.  Birdhouse Skateboards (@birdhouse)

Orion Trucks

Satori Wheels (@satorimovement)

Upful Bolts (@upful)

Ironhorse Griptape

Arnette (@arnetteeyewear)

Willys Workshop (@WillysWorkshop

Q.  Your shop just crossed the 10yr mark, how proud of that are you?

A.  I’m really proud that we made it this far.  I can’t believe how time sure does fly.  Let’s go for another 50 years.

Q.  What was the inspiration for your new Birdhouse deck?

A.  In the Philippines one of the public transportation is the Jeepney so we did that as my last Birdhouse deck now with my new one we did the Tricycle.

I’ve been running the Philippines theme the last 5 decks.

Q.  What trucks, wheels, bearings do you ride?

A. I ride Orion Trucks, Ninja abec 7 & Satori 52mm Wheels

Q.  How long did it take you to learn impossible tail grabs? (freakin sweet trick by the way!)

A.  I use to do that trick alot in the early 90’s.  I was playing a friend a game of SKATE & he did an Ollie Impossible & I was thinking out loud… so I tried doing Ollie Impossible Tailgrabs again.  After a couple tries I made some.  So thanks to my friend Mitchell he got me stoked on doing Impossibles again.

Video interlude of Willy shredding PQ Park, watch for the ollie impossible tail grab, a sweet 540 to bank, and great slides and manuals:

Q.  How close are you to getting the Mira Mesa Skate Park actually started?

A.  We are still very far from getting the Mira Mesa Skate Plaza but the Mira Mesa town council is for it.  We’ve got to raise between $200-300 Thousand dollars.  We have sent out a bunch of paper work to get Foundation going so it’s going to happen in the very near future.  Our next big fund raiser is a Silent Auction of Used Skateboard Art.  Check out for updates.

Thanks for this little interview Brian & supporting skateboarding.  Let’s make 2011 awesome!

No Willy, thank you for taking the time out of your extremely busy schedule to answer a few questions for one of your biggest fans.  I am so stoked to get this chance to share a little insight into your world, one that every San Diego skater wishes he was a part of.  Thanks and thanks again!

Brian Beagle is a regular guy who builds things for a living and loves action sports. For more of his action sports insights, check out his actual blog, or follow him on twitter @Mkbain.


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