Albert Nyberg, so Hot Right Now!

Interview by Sydney Goldberg

Photos by Michael Johansson

You took the American skateboarding world by storm. What planet did you come from?

Did not know that. I come from Nocomplytron, in a small village called Casperville, but actually Sweden.

Why did you choose the song “Sticks And Stones” by Jónsi for your Newsoul Skateboards Promo?

I love Jónsi, and I wanted a different kind of feeling in my skate part, so I went with “Sticks and Stones.” It´s not the most usual choice for a skate part, but it seemed to fit me.

Okay so everybody wants to know, where did you get that Elmo sweater?

Yeah, that Elmo sweater. I spotted it at H&M in Linköping with a friend, and it was a must buy. Elmo rocks!

What has your experience been like as an Swedish Etnies rider?

It´s been nice, getting Etnies shoes and stuff, so I can´t complain.

Name your affiliation with SK8MAFIA.

I don´t really know them that well. I skated with them once when we were in the states a few weeks. Those dudes are insanely awesome.

When did you start combining old school no comply tricks with 360 hardflips?

My big brother, Victor, showed me a lot of old school movies when I was younger like Ban This and Propaganda. Then, I just was so impressed with what kind of tricks they did.

I feel especially in love with Ray Barbee´s style and tricks. That dude is legend! Then, I watched a lot from the old Plan B Questionable video, and it opened up my eyes to what was actually possible, everything.  Now it’s just fun to play around with whatever is possible. I´m no Rodney Mullen or [Chris] Haslam, but I try to find tricks that aren’t so usual. You just have to try to combine different kind of tricks to get something “Elmo.”

Has anyone beat you in a game of S.K.A.T.E.? If so, specify what trick.

Of course. They usually get me on those tricky switch tricks and nollies.

How was this year’s Skate Olimpix in Trollhättan, Sweden? It was really fun, a lot of strange and new obstacles that were refreshing to skate. Also, some pros were there like Haslam, Benny [Fairfax], and Mark Baines. [Not to mention that Nyberg won! humble much?]

Who is Jean-Marc Soulet, and why did you want to start Newsoul Skateboards with him?

Jean Marc is a dear friend of mine, and we’ve known each other since I was 11 years old. He´s somewhat of a brother to me. He and I have been riding for One Off, a Swedish skate company, for a long time. He´s half French and half Swedish and is always keeping it real. We thought that it would be a fun to do, so we spoke to a lot of people, got graphics, and stuff. We just wanted something where we could decide how everything looked and felt. So far everything has turned out great. The mix between his style and mine has become Newsoul.

Have you got soul?

You better believe it.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


5 Responses to Albert Nyberg, so Hot Right Now!

  1. Isac says:

    Go Abbe! Represent Sweden.

  2. gummibjor says:

    yeah abbi daddi dawg! men abbe gjör du x? elr cannabis?

  3. fsafsa says:

    its the photographer link !!!!

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