Adam Colton, so Hot Right Now!

10 Questions with Longboarding Extraordinaire Adam Colton

By Sydney Goldberg

Squat Down G-Turn

Photo by Jonathan Jelkin

1. Who is Adam Colton [no pun intended]?

A monster. A flat-out scary monster. A man who is scared of doorknobs. The kind of guy than can be mistaken as homeless at times. Underwear that are classified as rags. Someone who is very connected to the outdoors but can still manage to be on the computer a lot and not go crazy because he loves his job.  A person that is always guaranteed last place at any sort of trivia game. For the lack of pop culture or the latest trend knowledge I know, I might as well be living in the backcountry, haha. The kind of guy who will always admit to a fart and willingly let them loose. A fartbagger that likes to overly uses “hahaha” after sentences. Someone people think that is always on drugs but is never. When something goes wrong aliens are to blame. If you meet me in a dark alley, be afraid, and be prepared to battle. I like to move yet be still when it is earned. My friends call me idiot, stupid head, worthless.

2. What steps are you taking to improve your spelling?

None, attacker. Yeah, everything I write definitely goes through Kyle [Chin] and, or Don [Tashman]. I sometimes spell my name wrong, no joke. Somehow, I put an ‘s’ into Adam sometimes. One thing that I am working on is “spelling checking” my emails before I send them. For some reason, I sometimes send my emails and then look at them afterwards for gnarly spelling errors. When I find them, I laugh knowing the person will be confused. If you have got a confusing email from me, be stoked.

3. As an advocate of the helmet, how has a one saved your life?

One time, I made this girl really mad. She took this baguette and tried to hit me. Luckily, it hit my helmet, woo weee.  It was a stale, freezer burned baguette, so it was pretty darn hard. Yeah, helmets for sure have saved my life. I can’t really recall an exact moment right now because I am never really good at recalling stuff, but I always feel much more confident and solid when I am wearing my helmet. I was actually skating without a helmet, just last week, because an alien stole it. It felt totally weird, which is sweet. I guess I have worn one enough that I feel weird without one. Find a helmet that fits your head well, and rock it hard. Then fly to outer space.

4. Why do longboarders idolize you?

Because I am going bald.

5. Where did you get your offbeat sense of humor? Do you ever wish people would take you more seriously?

My humor has been developed over my life through friends and experiences. Having a good sense of humor is key to life; I got told that once by an old lady, and old ladies can never be trusted. A good example of humor is on my long distance skating trips. If you can’t laugh about how much your situation sucks, then haha you are not going to make it skating across a country. I really like meeting new people and making up fake stories about my life, creating a fake name and having a weird profession. Tis fun and keeps you on your toes. Then, if they are worth getting to know you, slowly reveal your funny lies, which always leads to a good laugh.

Nah, being taken seriously can be overrated. More laughs come from not being serious or laughing at people who are too serious, hahaha. So yeah, if you are going to be any kind of serious it is best to be too serious, so at least people can laugh at you.  Obviously, there is a time and place for being serious, and when I get serious people know and listen. I usually only get serious on Wednesdays.

6. Describe the first time you made a YouTube video.

Not even sure what my first YouTube video was. Looking back on my old personal channel whoisadam, that I really do not update anymore, the oldest video on there is TRICK TIPS with Adam and Adam [Stokowski]: Walk the Plank. Four years ago, it was posted. It is amazing how when I first used to post videos they got hardly any views. But after posting good quality skate videos (at least I hope so), for over four years, now on the Loaded Newsletter channel it is amazing the community we have built up and the views a super rad video can achieve.

Photo by C+Y

7. What college did you graduate from? How did going to college shape you as a person?

I graduated from Elon University in Elon, N.C. I am super impressed with myself that I made it through college, hahah. I totally do not like writing papers and doing homework on things I do not care about. I did focus, and I am stoked I graduated. College gave me the time to longboard/skateboard and learn how to shoot and edit. It gave me just the right amount of time to build my website,, post up some videos on the site that captured the attention of Loaded Boards, who asked me to contact them after I got back from skating across the U.S. They wanted to talk to me about coming on-board to help build baby strollers. Four years later, I am still with Loaded, and baby strollers are still a high priority on our “to do”list.

8. What do you think of the Silverfish joke “Adam Colton only has half a beard because god wanted half as a souvenir?”

I have never heard that joke before but sweet. I think my half beard is great insulation, and half of gods face will be really warm. Plus, from one side god will look like a wise mountain man, and on the other a young handsome buck; that is if God is a man.

9. You mention on the Paris Truck Co. website that you have one sister and a good relationship with your parents. How has your family life influenced your longboarding? What is your advice to children whose parents are not supportive of spreading the stoke?

My family is super duper rad. They keep up to date on all that is going on. My parents were the biggest part of getting the “Skate Across the U.S.A.” trip happening. They were the primary sponsor of this ordeal. They saw how dedicated I was to making this trip work. When funds were majorly short they stepped in, so I could see the vision through. That skate across the U.S.A. trip was a big turning point in my life. It really gave me a lot of confidence having 3,000 miles to push in front of me and seeing that through with the team. Big hug to my mom, dad, and sister. I shall be seeing them all shortly for Christmas.

For kids whose parents are not supportive, that is a bummer to the bum. For some it could just be the way they are going about presenting it to their parents that are making their parents not stoked. If you are trying to make longboarding a living/get involved in the industry, I would try to get your parents involved. Let them know there is more to longboarding than just going outside and trying to hurt yourself. It is a growing industry with plenty of people making a living. It is a creative outlet. People all over the world are getting involved. There are many different aspects that can spawn from it such as filming and editing, designing, photography, sales, marketing, etc. Show them you are on top of the case and are working towards making your goal happen whatever it is. REMEMBER, you got to show your parents some kind of proof you are working towards your goal. Stringing them along on a wild verbal idea can only last so long.

10. Tell me about the moment you realized longboarding captured your heart and wouldn’t give it back.

It is crazy the relationship I have with longboarding; it is very non-attached. Example, I can go home to VA [Virginia] for a month, not even bring my longboard, not longboard once, and not really miss it or go crazy. I could go away and backpack the entire Appalachian Trail for six months, lets say, and I honestly can say I would not be too bothered. Whatever I am doing or involved in, I am in the moment doing it. And as much as longboarding is a huge part of my life, I definitely fill my life with other wonderful joys, may it be backpacking, photography, tennis, rock climbing and my favorite, pencil sharpening.  My heart will never be captured by any one particular thing, only by that certain Monster Princess.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


4 Responses to Adam Colton, so Hot Right Now!

  1. toolplace.wordpress says:

    Amazing man awesome blog.

  2. grimes clark says:

    dude i live in NC its kind of hot and kind of boring but u should come back and make a vid that would be sweettttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rooster! says:

    hell yea bro, that was an awesome interveiw, i always like knowing more about my heros!

  4. CecilForester says:

    A. Colton is the reason I picked up a longboard. He’s why I sharpen my pencil by hand now too.

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