Skate Betties, so Hot Right Now!

By Sydney Goldberg

I posted the video above as my Facebook status, after I saw it in the Loaded Newsletter email.

These are the heated comments I received:

Person 1: Hecccccccck yeah longboards!

Person 2: Even though these girls are no Ysabella, the video rocks, and it can spread stoke to other girl riders knowing there’s more of them out there.

Person 3:  Dang, all my future girl friends in one video…

Person 4: A lot of them are just attention freaks! This girl is a real longboarder though

Person 3: I don’t know about attention freaks…They look like a bunch of chicks getting out there and doing it right. Smiles and all. No branding or sanding. No doubt gnarly is real but still, all about the feel.

Person 5: Uh, That Sector 9 Katie Neilson girl rips because she has good style, goes for it, and is not afraid to challenge herself. Maybe you don’t understand Person 3 because you are not a girl skater like Person 4 and I but we push ourselves. That to me is what skating is about, not just looking hot while you cruise down the street.

Person 3: Uh a lil sexist there Person 5. I remember being a kid and dropping into big bowls and eating shit all day long. I also remember a day before Adam [Colton] and Adam [Stokowski] and people doing longboarding tricks. My point being everyone crawls before they walk. Everyone sucks when they first start out. I don’t see these girls not pushing themselves. The fact they are out skating and not doing their nails is a good start. Lets try and support each other, especially female skaters. Skateboarding itself has turned into a culture of hate because of popularity and fashion. If you’re that jealous, make your own gnar bar video, and send it out. Either or get off of your high horses of negativity.

Person 6: Check out Katie Neilson and Ysabella from Loaded. Those girls rip way more than these ladies above. Truth, so stop judging their skating ability with your…

– Love Person 5’s Roomate

Person 2: Dude Person 3’s not the one judging, Person 5 is. I still love you.

Person 6: : Loves it.

Person 4: The reason they aren’t sitting around doing their nails in this video is because they did it before they decided to leisure around. Lets support people that actually enjoy skating and not the people that just try too look cool. This gives girl skaters a bad name when there are real girl skaters like Katie Neilson. This also doesn’t encourage girls to go challenge their abilities because people like you are satisfied with the basics. Judging isn’t a bad thing either, it’s human. This isn’t even really judging from our perspective, its more like common sense if you used you’re brain.

How do you think the “Longboard Girls Crew” YouTube clip represents skateboarding?

In response to Person 3’s request, here is my 11 second “gnar bar” video.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


2 Responses to Skate Betties, so Hot Right Now!

  1. I think that there are positives and negatives to this video.
    It is awesome that these girls are willing to go out and make a video doing something they enjoy, and showing that you don’t need to be a guy in order to skate and have fun.It doesn’t matter what you do outside of skating as long as you love skating while your doing it. These girls aren’t terrible skaters either, I saw some decent cross-stepping and carving, which means they definitely didn’t just see someone randomly skating and say,”Like, omg, that looks totally fun, lets go try it and make a video!”. For all we know, they haven’t been skating for super long, and really were challenging their abilities.

    At the same time though, I can see person 4 being upset if they think that they are a better skater and that they are getting this kind of recognition.

    That being said, I think person 3 is right to suggest that person 4 get out and make their own video. It gives them the opportunity to show that they are just as skilled, and it will show that girls really can tear it up.

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