Chaz Ortiz, so Hot Right Now!

By Sydney Goldberg

Photo by Sydney Goldberg

“It’s kinda weird, in a sick way, seeing Chaz become the skater he is. I remember growing up, like age nine or ten, doing my first contests, competing with him,” said Warp Skatepark teammate and 2010 Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals participant Miles Canavello. “It was crazy; he was always super consistent and kickflipped everything in sight. Now he’s one of the biggest pros, always getting top three in all contests. It’s super tight to see him make it in skateboarding. He definitely is making his homies and stuff proud. He’s killing it.”

About four or five years ago, I went to Hoodlum Skateboard Company Team Rider Hurvey Haskins‘ wedding. It was in a rural part of Wisconsin, on a toasty day. The Skateboard Mag Photographer Bart Jones, Joey Jordan, Mike Owen, Falco Baltys, and the Lake Owen Camp posse attended. Bridesmaid’s dressed in flowy skirts and sandals stood next to LaLa, the blushing bride.  After the ceremony concluded, his wife threw off her kitten heel shoes and put on black skateboard sneakers.

My father and I walked outside, finding a wooden micro mini ramp sitting in LaLa’s parents’ backyard. Men wearing full suits, busted out feeble grinds. Hurvey placed a portable bench lined with rusty angle iron, next to the grass. I positioned myself on the ground with a Pentax Z-XM 35mm SLR camera, tilted it upward, and hoped for the best.  I snapped this shot of Chaz Ortiz NOT landing a kickflip f/s boardslide to kickflip out, his signature trick. Hey, even prodigies have their off days.

With a score of 91.50, Ortiz secured the 2010 Dew Tour Skate Park Finals and his second Dew Cup Championship. I guess we can forgive him.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


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    Chaz Ortiz, so Hot Right Now! « Alli Expression Session…

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