CCS, so Hot Right Now! “The Pitch”

By Sydney Goldberg

September 5, 2010

Mike Lewis
Transworld Business
2052 Corte del Nogal Suite B
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Dear Mr. Lewis,

Why CCS?

I asked myself this very question when I skimmed through your April 30, 2010 article “Friday Free For All: Core Shops vs. CCS.” With all of the criticism surrounding the opening of CCS Flagship Retail Stores in California, Alabama, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, Kansas, and Oregon, you neglected to ask CCS their intentions [besides profitability].

With a 1,200 word Transworld Business Feature, I plan to offer the “World’s Largest Skateshop” a rebuttal. What’s a fight, if the fight ain’t fair? My article will include quotes from CCS Brand Manager Mark Nardelli, CCS Hoover, Ala. Manager Jared Currey, Faith Skate Supply Owner Peter Karvonen, Sales/Marketing Primo Distribution Chris Brunstetter, and Concrete Wave Magazine Publisher Michael Brooke. According to Cary Allington, independent surf/skateshops sales are down 5% from 2009. Could the CCS bandwagon lead to more of a decline or has the skateboard industry got them all wrong?

As an Alli Sports Blogger and former Concrete Wave Magazine intern, I am in the know. With six years of experience, I have been published in 13 different skateboarding-related publications/websites.

I look forward to your response. If you would like to see the article, I can have it for you in three weeks of receiving the go ahead. Thank you for your time.


Sydney Goldberg

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


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