This Week in Awesome: September 10, 2010

This week, there was thing so awesome that it made all other awesome things not nearly as awesome as they should be. As such, This Week in Awesome only has room for one thing this week…

Bob Burnquist’s Fakie to Fakie 900 on his Megaramp.

Yes, you read that right. Bob Burnquist nailed a Fakie to Fakie 900 on his Megaramp.

In the immortal words of Warner Wolf, Let’s go to the videotape

Bob becomes only the 5th person to ever land a 900, the first to ever land a fakie to fakie 9, and the first to land one on the megaramp.

The other people to land the 900:
Tony Hawk. Landed it at X Games V. One of the most legendary moments in action sports.

Giorgio Zattoni. In April 2004, after 6 years of trying, Giorgio finally put down his own 900

Sandro Dias. Just one month later, Sandro landed his own 900 at the Latin X Games in his home country. His reaction is amazing.

Alex Perelson. Landed his 900 at the Maloof Money Cup in July 2009 at the age of 18. To say Alex has a bright future is the understatement of the century


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