Stay Gold, so Hot Right Now!

By: Sydney Goldberg

The Lowdown on Emerica’s Stay Gold


− The intro sucked because it had nothing to do with skateboarding, just Leo Romero driving his fancy car. This is Skateboarding Intro Part II, anyone?

Braydon Szafranski looks like Fabio in his “Weed Saves Lives” t-shirt.

− Please, can someone get Bryan Herman a cab? He spent 43,948 minutes nose manualing & skating the same spot.

Jerry Hsu‘s falling sequence is a mixture between Daewon Song‘s part in Skate More & Heath Kirchart‘s frustration throughout This is Skateboarding.

−  Kevin “Spanky” Long cries

− High fives all around

− No Ed Templeton & Kirchart, until you get to the bonus/secret footage.

− Top notch skateboarding but the music killed it.


Brandon Westgate reminded me of the Energizer Bunny.

√ Romero went big.

Andrew Reynolds‘ noseslide to frontside shuvit out

Jamie Tacowny blew my mind.

√ Hsu switched it up.

The Barrier Kult & how much I love death metal.

The Final Verdict:

Hater status maybe but Emerica has always been my favorite team. I’m just harsh because I love them. When I was 14, my girlfriends and I would watch This is Skateboarding daily. Becki and Ruth called dibs on Tosh Townend. I wanted Spanky as my boyfriend. The Cure and Belle & Sebastian rocked my world, while I admired Austin Stephens soft style and Long’s Frontside 360s.

The anticipation surrounding the Sept. 1 release of Stay Gold, brought back warm feelings of practicing heelflips in my garage at 20 degrees, learning how to backside boardslide the sticky flatbar at B.G. Skatepark, and that glimmer of hope that maybe one day I too could frontside flip like Reynolds.

Stay Gold represents the loyalty Emerica has to skateboarding and skateboarders have to Emerica. Why else would “the Zwiss man” drive an hour away, during rush hour, to grab a copy for the Bloomington Rise Skateboard Shop premiere?

Dedication man, dedication.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


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