RIPNDIP, so Hot Right Now!

By: Sydney Goldberg

10 Questions with Ryan O’Connor, owner of rip n dip clothing

1. Name the dudes on the Rip N Dip Team.

Grant Yansura, Bert Wootton, Cody Lucas, Johan Stuckey, Luis Perez, Ian Rosenberg, a few others…

2. Did Rip N Dip start off as a skate crew or a clothing company?
It started off as a joke, with a few friends, about making a clothing company. Then the name stuck, everyone was really hyped on the name, the commercials, and the whole idea behind it.

3. Why is “Cosmic Vomit” a video everyone should see?
If you support independent skateboarding,  you should have Cosmic Vomit in your skate DVD collection.

4. How are Cody Lucas and Bert Wootton bangin’, explain?
They’re just a couple of teenage heartbreakers.

5. What is the best Weekendtage trip you have ever been on?
Trying to find FACE from FL to NYC.

6. How do you manage to keep the fun in skateboarding?
Weekendtage is the fun in skateboarding.

7. What has Rip N Dip added to the Orlando, Fla. skateboarding scene?

A few laughs.

8. How did you guys build an empire (clothing, magazines, viral videos, tour)?
Just doing what we would be doing normally but now we are backing a name. RIPNDIP!

9. When in your next video dropping?
We’re working on a Weekendtage the Movie, so if you thought the last one [Weekendtage 8] was funny then you’ll die laughing at this. It’ll have full parts from Bert Wootton and Johan Stuckey so on and so on.. plus the most amazingly hilarious skits.

10. Why is Rip N Dip, so hot right now?

Because we live in a oven!

Any shoutouts?

YMT in your face. Support ripndip here.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


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