Volcom, so Hot Right Now!

Photographs, Words, & Video By: Sydney Goldberg

I just missed the demo. FML

That was my initial thought walking into Northbrook Skatepark at approximately 5:17 p.m, to gawk at the 2010 Volcom Brand Jeans Tour. Right after the announcer thanked everyone for coming, all of the mousy-haired kiddos ran out of the park.

Hold up, let’s rewind. I left work early that day, in order to have any chance of getting parking. Putting shoes on a lady’s dirty feet or watching Nick Trapasso‘s dirty kickflip over a rail? You chose.

I prepared myself to walk a block in the rain, with my camera equipment, by stuffing everything into an over-sized black Dakine backpack. Lucky me, I rolled right into a spot when I hit the lot, and the weather held up. The skatepark was packed to the brim. Parents, grandparents, babies, females with long hair, “stage makeup” (red lips, lots of blush, penciled-in eyebrows, black eye shadow), midriff tops, tight jeans, shaggy hair, tattoos, scumstaches, and all the above. Oh yeah and David Gonzalez hanging out in the parking lot, no biggie.

These pros actually came? Chicago has demos but no professional skateboarders show up to them. I am convinced they like the coasts better but maybe I take it too personally. Also, Northbrook is located in the ‘burbs. There is not a fat chance in hell that anyone comes to the Northshore to hangout, especially not Geoff Rowley, Mark Appleyard, Chris Pfanner, or Chima Ferguson. The last demo we had at NB park was a hot dog skateboarding tour. The only good part about that event was Shuriken Shannon throwing up my sorority symbol and James Brockman‘s gold tooth.

I had always imagined David Gonzalez to have an “I don’t give a ****” attitude but after seeing how many high-fives, autographs, and pictures this guy gave to his fans, I am convinced he is a softy. I mean that in the most flattering way possible,”Daveed.” My favorite was when he posed with a father-son duo for a photo. They asked him to do his signature flip off pose, and he grabbed his crotch. It was hilarious because he played along with the rockstar persona.

It was great to see some familiar faces in the Chicago skateboard scene that I had not encountered in a while. Even the pretentious ones…

After the demo, the Volcom guys sat on the wooden benches under the hut, smoked cigarettes, and chilled with the natives. At that moment in time, they were no longer professional skateboarders but just skateboarders. That was awesome.

Then, I chatted with Volcom Skateboard Team Manager Steve Stratton about, the “Give Jeans a Chance” Program, a 2010 Volcom Brand Jeans Tour & The National Coalition for the Homeless collaboration.

The guy on the right is thinking, Bummer, I should have donated my jeans! I could have gotten that sick “I gave my jeans a chance” hat.

Although I missed the skating, I did not lose out on the atmosphere. If you do not go to this demo, you will regret it. What is cooler than skateboarding’s finest practically skating in your backyard? I know… having it be for a good cause, and Volcom has that down pat.

By the way, Dustin Dollin you are not too cool to sign autographs.

Sydney Goldberg is a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism, Studio Art, and Art History. Twitter me ♥


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