Dhers To Be Different

By Zarrin Alam

Cool, confident, funny, and different, Daniel Dhers is just an all around BMX rider. Daniel Dhers came out in 2006 and has been raging up a storm ever since. It’s hard to imagine that it has been only four years since the world was officially introduced to Dhers; even Wikipedia can’t fathom the fact.

Red Bull athlete, Daniel Dhers, started riding when he was 12 in his home country Venezuela. Four years later, Dhers moved to Argentina and he started riding more and more; he turned pro in 2004. After training at Woodward for two summers, things started to work in favor of Dhers. In 2006, he placed third in his first Dew Tour stop. Fortunately, Daniel managed to stay consistent through the whole Dew Tour, and ended up winning the Dew Cup. Becoming Dew Tour Champion was a big ego booster for Dhers. After that he was unstoppable in every contest he entered. 2006 was definitely Daniel Dhers’ breakout year. Picking up a Dew Cup, his first sponsor, gold at Action Sports World Championships, and a bronze at X Games, he was on his way to success.

Daniel Dhers’ greatest qualities is his consistency, one that many athletes have trouble with. This consistency has led to adding more medals to his trophy case and top notch sponsors. Dhers took two more Dew Cups home and two gold medals from X Games Park. He also placed top in other contests like FISE, BMX Masters, BMX Worlds, and a lot more. With so many achievements under his belt, Dhers is bound for greatness.

A top competitor with tricks like spectacular 720 variations, and dazzling tailwhips, Daniel Dhers has that certain flair that other BMX riders don’t have. Whenever you see Dhers ride, the confidence just oozes out of his tricks. Dhers adapts to the course really well, utilizing it to his advantage. His runs are packed full of tricks, and always stepping of the difficulty giving other BMX riders a challenge. Dhers goes big, but he still has those technical tricks in his runs. He’s like a combination of Mike Spinner and Garrett Reynolds. My favorite trick done by Daniel Dhers would be his flare whips; he does massive flares and outrageous tail whips, of course is flare whips are going to be awesome.  Though, there is always room for improvement as Daniel heads into 2010.

Daniel Dhers started 2010 with a vengeance. Even saying, now that he knows what it’s like to lose he’s glad that the pressure isn’t on him as much anymore. Hungrier and wiser than ever, Dhers hasn’t missed the podium yet. He took 2nd four contests in a row, including the first Dew Tour stop. He took some extra practice runs on the course alone before the contest definitely benefited him, but due to Mike Spinner posting a high score early Dhers took the runner-up spot. In other words, he was the first to lose.  Dhers ended that streak by placing 1st in Park at X Games 16. Dhers dominated the competition by packing in so many tricks you would have missed three if you blinked.  X Games may be over, but Daniel Dhers is still in the running for Dew Tour Champion.

Daniel Dhers may be one of the best BMX riders out there right now, but he’s a charming guy off the bike too. Whether he’s doing an interview, or even just on twitter, he has some interesting things to say. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher his speech, (hence all the Rosetta Stone jokes from his BMX buddies) but he still has a way with words.  He told me, over twitter, that he thinks he would able to survive a plane crash.  The only reason why he gave me was because he’s awesome. Plus he wants Red Bull to give him a plane.  It’s a theory that he should never try out, but Dhers obviously thinks highly of himself.  Recently he moved to Greenville, North Carolina, which is also home to BMX greats like Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist.

Daniel Dhers is definitely going places. He just signed with Sony Electronics, Verizon Wireless, and Cooper Vision; Daniel is even going to star in a national commercial promoting Sony headphones. Catch Daniel on episodes of Nitro Circus, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and Disney XD show Next X. Daniel Dhers is definitely a rider to watch for this year, and we’ll see if he prevails by winning this year’s Dew Cup.


One Response to Dhers To Be Different

  1. Acornman says:

    I like how you failed to mention that amongst the BMX community, his unpopularity is unrivalled by anyone except Mike Spinner and his Spinner Street Shorts…by the way, nice legit sponsors Daniel, keeping BMX in the hands if BMXers I see!

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