This Week in Awesome – August 6, 2010

This past weekend was the X Games. A staple of the action sports calendar year. Some of the highlights included:
– TWO FMX Double backflips. Travis Pastrana & Cam Sinclair
PLG takes out the Flying Tomato on his way to double vert gold
– Jamie Bestwick 4-peats in BMX Vert
– Garrett Reynolds 3-peats in BMX Street
– Ryan Sheckler wins Skate Street
– 15 year old rising star Pedro Barros wins skate park

A set of bars that even Ryan Nyquist couldn’t spin

After defeating Shaun White at the X Games, PLG also stole his Wheaties box

Who needs photo-realistic video games when the old ones are still just as awesome?

It may be the Summer, but the mothership caught up with snowboarder Danny Davis recently to find out how is feeling

This is a great Dennis Enarson edit. The tailwhip over the door near the end is fantastic (h/t Vital BMX)


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