Curren Caples – Take Notice

By: Ty Daku


So, I’ve been a little under the weather as of late. This can fully be attributed to 3 solid weeks of “promotional work” aka unreal parties and very little sleep.

It did however give me a chance to soak up a bunch of social media and all kinds of videos and picture on the worldwide Internet. I spent this past weekend the same way everyone else in our world did, watching the sixteenth edition of the Summer X Games.

I saw what people are calling a changing of the guard, the next generation, and the evolution of skateboarding. A few kids caught my eye and I really want to focus on one. If you haven’t heard of Curren Caples just yet, you will…Very, very soon. The 14 year-old Ventura, Ca native is making a splash in the action sports world to say the VERY least. Entering into the skate park event as the youngest ever competitor is a feat in itself, having a very serious shot at winning is a whole other can of Red Bull.


Watching this little munchkin charge all over one of the gnarliest park setups ever was such a treat that I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. Seeing that he was totally oblivious to the fact that EVERYONE loves him definitely endured me to the little guy. The fact that he was busting massive airs on tiny little transitions had me totally intimidated by him.

When I was 14, I’m pretty certain my dad was still tying my skates, and Curren Caples is going on trips to Beijing with the likes of Tony Hawk, and skating around So Cal with Geoff Rowley. Skating for the likes of Flip, Hurley and Red Bull has this kid on a serious path to success and given time, exposure, and a helping hand from some of the industry’s finest will only help catapult Caples into skateboard super-stardom.

All the headlines around the web are currently drawing comparisons to another California pheonom. Guess who. Yep, another Red Bull poster child one Ryan Sheckler. The thing that has me more hype on little Curren is the fact that he grew up in an era where skate parks made an amazing resurgence and as a result, Curren has a skill set that would make Sheckler bigger than god.

The way this guy looks at a park is unbelievable. Being able to charge around a concrete jungle the way he does is nothing short of mind-blowing. Taking a surf style to the vert walls and transitions, while maintaining the ability to gap huge stuff and throw in flip tricks where ever he wants in money in the bank. And oh yeah, he can handle himself on a rail too.


The long and the short of this are simple. The next wave of skateboarding is coming. X Games gold medalist Pedro Barros (15), bronze medal winner Kevin Kowalski (18) and Curren Caples (14) clearly have the park on lock. Meanwhile the future of mega ramp shredding is under control with 20 year-old Adam Taylor looking like he will have no problem taking over for Danny Way and Bob Burnquist. I for one and largely stoked on what is coming in the world of profession skateboarding.


Alright. I Guess I See SOME Similarities

One last thing to chew on Sheckler only hit age 20 in December.

When he is not in the shop, on the road as a sales rep or scouring the Internet for content on his blog Tyler Daku is most likely getting wet behind a buddy’s boat, racking out on a jib somewhere or cruising the streets on a bamboo fishtail.


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