Work now, ride later?

By Trent Egbert

After sharing my experiences with injuries in one of my brother Derek’s latest expression session posts, I was given the opportunity to continue blogging for Alli Sports.  At first I was excited to get down to business and start writing whatever I wanted, but being a full-time college student with finals just around the corner I have found it very difficult to write anything.  I apologize for the delay, but it has actually inspired me to write what I’m about to share with you.

How could I not miss this?

As I mentioned in my last post, I am a motocross addict.  There is nothing about this sport that I do not enjoy.  I went to the San Francisco and Salt Lake supercross races this year, I love going to the X-Games, and going to the national races.  I regularly check RacerXonline, Transworld Motocross, VitalMX, and even for updates and news on my most beloved sport/hobby.   I play MX vs. ATV Reflex on Xbox LIVE almost everyday to help me get through this tragic time in my life while my dirt bike is over 850 miles away from me.  (My gamertag is Bermbuster, just in case any of you are in the same pathetic situation as I am.)

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Sometimes all you can do is pretend it's real.

I think almost everybody will find themselves in a sad moment in their lives when riding (or doing whatever sport you do) becomes one of the least important priorities in their lives.  Although it’s important to us and painful to abstain from, most of us will have to make that sacrifice at one point.  I know that the time I spend away from the bike and my head buried in my textbooks will pay off later in life, ensuring more opportunities to ride later because I’ll have a good job that will support my expensive hobby.  But sometimes time spent away from the bike can be healthy for your desire and passion for riding afterwards.  (Kind of how time spent apart from a girl in a relationship can remind you that you’re really a loser and do want her back.)

It’s important that we all get our priorities straight in life.  Our families and futures should come first before our hobbies.  But when we put in the hard work first, the fun times will surely follow.  If you find yourself in a situation when riding or boarding is too expensive or too difficult to find time to do, you need not worry little ones.  Keep working hard, hang in there, play some Reflex, and you’ll find yourself back on the bike before you know it.  At least that’s what I’m hoping for because school sucks.

Trent Egbert is a full-time college student that bases his life around the blissful pleasures of motocross, biking, music, friends and family.


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