Pierce Howell and Parker Heath, Future Stars of BMX!

By Brian Beagle

At the Gatorade Free Flow Tour stop in Perris, CA on June 24, 2010, I was lucky enough to meet Pierce Howell and Parker Heath. They are best friends from right here in San Diego, call Krause Family YMCA skate/bike park their home park (mine too!), and completely rip it up on their bikes. In Perris, Pierce won the Junior Division and Parker placed 3rd. Recently I was able to meet up with both of them at the park, get some shots, and ask them a few questions.

Let’s start with Parker:

  • He is sponsored by Freestyle USA & Psycho Wear.
  • His dad took him to Boom Boom Huck Jam and he has been into action sports ever since.
  • He is a big Dave Mirra fan.
  • His favorite bikes are Haro, Sabrosa, and Hoffman.
  • His favorite tricks include Tuck No Handers, No Foot Cans, and Nothings.

What really sticks out to me about these two riders is the way their friendship helps to push each other to better riding. At the park, it was clear they are a level above most of the other kids. Even older teenagers were staring at the moves these two had. They encourage each other, feed off each other, and really dig landing tricks.

Now on to Pierce:

  • He is sponsored by Division 26 and Psycho Wear
  • He has always loved action sports, drifted towards BMX after seeing a Triple Crown event.
  • He is a fan of Dennis Mc Coy.
  • His favorite bikes are Haro, S&M, and Sabrosa.
  • His favorite tricks are No Foot Cans, Tuck No Handers, and Supermans.

The point of this story is to show you the level of talent coming up. These kids are already great riders, riding the biggest obstacles, throwing great tricks, and they’re only 12! I can’t wait to watch them grow into big name pros. If you own a company, you’d be foolish not to sponsor these kids and ride their coattails. They will rep your brand right. To see more shots of these two awesome rippers, click here.

Brian Beagle is a regular guy who builds things for a living and loves action sports. For more of his action sports insights, check out his other blog, or follow him on twitter at @mkbain.


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