Are you ready, Chicago? BMX is coming!

By Brian Vasquez

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Dew Tour is coming back to Chicago ( and bringing the swing with more BMX action.  Now last year, I remember seeing some “Legalize BMX” slogans wandering through the crowd, and even a petition or two.  I managed to get in touch with a group here in Chicago that managed to get a foothold to making that happen.

Say hi to the Riverview Trails (also referred to as the Garden Jumps) on the northside of Chicago, by Lane Tech High School.  The Riverview name comes from the amusement park that used to stand where the Clark Park now is.  In fact, a number of the lines at the trails also take their name from the former amusement park roller coasters:  Aero-Stat, Space, Comet (personally my favorite name), Wild Mouse, Derby, Shoot the Chutes, and Flying Cars.

I managed to get in touch with a couple of the volunteers who maintain the trails, Eric Block and Matt VanAcker.  They were nice enough to have a few words with me, and Eric even took a day to do some runs for video and photographic purposes in order to give me a better idea of how it looks when the jumps are being used.

Here’s the word directly from them about the Riverview Trails, the issues regarding BMX in Chicago, and other thoughts:

Additionally, Eric also provided me with a link to a video of his own that features just a little more riding:

Thanks for your time and a deeper understanding about BMX, Eric and Matt!  Everyone else, make sure to check out the Riverview Trails, now on to July 23-24!



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