Now is a Great Time to be a MX Fan!

By Derek Egbert

It is definitely a great time to be a fan of motocross in this day and age.  This year, there are more resources available to the mx fan than have every been available.  There is no excuse for not being in the mx loop these days.  I want to outline a list of the best motocross resources that are readily available to anybody with cable tv, an internet connection, or all of the above.

1 is one of the greatest resources out there.  First off, they stream video of the first 250 and 450 motos FREE every weekend in great quality.  This streaming broadcast is put out by the same people who do the NBC and Speed TV broadcasts, so quality is always top-notch.  Alli Sports has also been including mini segments on different riders that can be watched through the website.  Click here for an Alli exclusive segment on the Hahn brothers…it gives a good inside look at the relationship of two very fast brothers.  Alli Sports also provides in-depth race recaps, photo galleries of recent races/events, and an online video archive of all 250 and 450 1st motos from this season.  If you are a moto fan and isn’t on your bookmarks bar, it should be.  ‘Nuff said.


If you are fortunate enough to have SpeedTV on your cable or dish network plan, then you are in luck.  This year, Speed is airing same-day coverage for most of the outdoor nationals.  Score.  This is probably one of the best TV packages the sport has ever experienced.  If you miss the first moto coverage on, Speed does a 1st moto recap along with coverage of the whole 2nd moto.  NBC actually covers a few of the events live (or same-day coverage) but Speed takes care of the rest.  With AlliSports and SpeedTV, you can get all that your moto hearts desire.


Racer X Online has been my homepage for as long as I can remember.  Much of the top motocross news breaks on the website and it is probably the most trusted source for moto news.  Aside from its weekly Racerhead article (that I read religiously), news updates, and Ask Ping (if you haven’t read David Pingree’s columns, you are missing out), Racer X produces the “Racer X Motocross Pre-Show” which is well produced segment that highlights the news and hype right before each race.  Often, they do a Post-show wrap up with great footage of the races and the post-race press conferences.


Twitter-Logo.pngTwitter has caught on in the action sports world with many athletes, magazines, companies, etc., and motocross is no exception.  Many racers and companies have twitter feeds that they update regularly so their fans and followers can stay in the know.  If you don’t know what twitter is, or if you are reluctant to create an account, there is a solution for you.  Racer X has posted some lists on their twitter page that allows you to see the following updates without having to log in to twitter account: Motocross Racers, Freestyle Riders, and Motocross Industry Companies.


Transworld Motocross has been around for a while as well, but they have taken a different approach to covering the nationals than RacerX and AlliSports.  Transworld has started doing a number of very cool video segments that help the view see more behind-the-scenes activities at the races.  One of their segments is called “Pit Pass” and it is simply video taken from all areas of the motocross track and pits showing the riders up close and personal along with unique track features, crazy fans, etc.  These clips help you see what it is like to actually go to a motocross national race.  Another cool segment that Transworld just started is a bit called “Transworld Shadow” where a single rider is followed around throughout the whole day at a national, showing everything that the rider does when he’s not on the track.  Transworld has other clips called “Speed Trap”, “How was your day?” and others that give you a better feel for the riders, teams, and events.  Transworld has really stepped it up with these videos to offer a view that compliments the other resources listed above.


Vital MX - Your Online Motocross is another resource that I visit on occasion.  “GuyB” runs the show over there and offers a lot of great photography of the races.  One of my favorite segments on vitalmx is “Pit Bits” where a few dozen pictures from practice and the pits are posted with fairly detailed explanations.  I love to see pictures of unique parts and setups on the factory bikes and GuyB is good and finding them!  There is also a decent message board that I check out if I want to get the latest moto news/gossip…be warned, many who post there have strong opinions and it can get a little messy sometimes.  I look at moto message boards like the tabloids…sometimes big stories are broken there, but you sometimes have to sift through a bit of nonsense to get what you are looking for.  When the silly season rolls around and all the riders start switching teams and sponsors, this is a good place to go to get the inside scoop.


Well, those links should give the average moto enthusiast enough to keep busy on race weekends and throughout the week with plenty of original and quality content.  As I said, it is a great time to be a moto fan right now because we have more resources than ever before.  This obviously did not touch every moto-site out there, but if you have any good moto-related sites that you can recommend, leave a comment!  Thanks for reading!

Derek Egbert is an action sports nut who started off riding dirt bikes, but is now a big fan of anything related to action sports. Follow @degbert on twitter or check out for a deeper look at what makes him tick.


One Response to Now is a Great Time to be a MX Fan!

  1. Bert says:

    Thanks for all the helpful links and info. You sure do know your stuff.

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