Two Weeks in Awesome! July 2, 2010

With the Dew Tour taking place last week, we missed out on the week in awesome. To make up for, today we have TWO weeks of awesome!


The Dew Tour kicked off season 6 in Boston on Saturday with the Skate Open.
In Skate Park, Greg Lutzka took the top spot followed by Ryan Sheckler & Chaz Ortiz. The new website is all over the coverage with highlights of the whole event as well as the runs of Lutzka, Sheckler, & Ortiz.

Over on the vert ramp, PLG took the honors with Sandro Dias in 2nd & Andy Mac in 3rd. Coming in fourth place was 15 year old Pedro Barros who proved that he could take his bowl skills to the vert ramp
(Holy Linkage Batman)

Came across this book in the course of my internet travels. Completely and totally awesome. I hope I find it at a thrift store one day.

Gatorade joined us for #TYFO a few weeks ago, and this week @Beltzie21 received her prize. 480 bottles of Gatorade. Gatorade Thirst Quencher, for that deep down body thirst

Speaking of #TYFO, last week we had two guests. Motocross rider Andrew Short (who was nice enough to go back the next day and answer even more questions & Bucky Lasek.

Great quote from the Skate Park broadcast:
Kenan Harkin: Robert Lopez Mont, What makes him so beastly?
Paul Zitzer: First off, Three names. I love that.

Tony Hawk Ride was released this year and revolutionized the genre of skateboarding game by introducing a plastic skateboard controller. These guys decided to turn the plastic controller into a real skateboard. That probably voided the warranty.

Brett Banasiewicz won the Big Air ASA Triples with the help of a trick he never even tried. Double Front

The Keanu meme is amazing. He was sad on June 21 because he thought it was Go BMX Day and not Go Skateboarding Day. That little bird made fun of him.


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