Bucky Lasek Tweets His Face Off!

Tweet Your Face Off with Bucky Lasek (@buckylasek)
Friday, June 25th, 2010

“Tweet Your Face Off” is a weekly interview series hosted by @AlliSports on twitter where the fans have their chance to weigh in by submitting questions to the guest. Follow Alli Sports on twitter and send in your own questions next week for the chance to win cool prizes!

Over the course of Bucky’s two-decade plus career, he’s proved time and again to be the fiercest, and most composed of any competitor on the pipe. With a never say die attitude, a perfectionist’s approach to putting together contest runs, and an uncanny ability to pull out a miracle when necessary, Bucky Lasek has taken home multiple Dew Cups, back to back X Games vert golds (twice), Vans Triple Crown titles, etc, etc. Bucky and his wife Jen have three daughters and live in San Diego, with the world’s largest private bowl right in the backyard. And yes, he’s great at skating that too. If you want to learn more about Bucky’s private bowl, pick up the upcoming issue of Skateboard Mag to read a special feature on it.

Bucky took some time to hang out with us in the TD Garden locker rooms before practice, and answer some of your questions.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, How awesome is the movie Face-Off?

A: Haven’t seen it.

(Ed. Note: I will assume that you watched it and it was so awesome it rocked your memory)

Q: In Tony Hawk Pro Skater, would you play as yourself, or someone else?

A: I just went through the game and made sure I was right. But I never played. That’s probably why I got kicked off. I prefer the real thing.

Q from @ridertech: Where is your favorite place to ride?

A: Vans combi bowl, @Tonyhawk‘s warehouse vert ramp and my back yard

Q: Sack Lodge once said “Crab cakes and football, that’s what Maryland does.” There has to be more right?

A: ….No

Q: You share a birthday with Mexican Wrestler Super Crazy. What would your wrestling gimmick be?

A: The Flying Baltimoron

Q: Wikipedia says you got into skating when your bike was stolen. If you invested in a better lock, where would you be today?

A: It was stolen out of my aunts basement. But I think I would be a two sport star. When not spending time in the hospital.

Q from @zarrinalam: If you could be a villain from any movie, which one would you be?

A: Mickey Rourke (Ivan Vanko) in Iron Man 2

Q from @mkbain: Which vert ramp in San Diego do you favor, Encinitas or Clairemont YMCA?

A: Probably take Clairemont over Encinitas

Q from @jesseshotland: Why do you go by Bucky?

A: I carry the same nickname as my real father

Q from @davidfaul: Do you think you’ll still be skating bowls in your 50s? 60s?

A: For sure. There is one in my backyard that isn’t going anywhere

Q from @pirateskatekrew: What is your favorite trick on the mega ramp?

A: Anything @bobburnquist does.

Q from @as4491: Are you ready to win back to back in Boston tomorrow?

A: Sure. I am ready, pumped, and stoked

Q from @slewis1200: What’s your favorite trick?

A: Nollie flip frontside stalefish

Q from @bmirano: Who has done the best trick at the pool in your backyard?

A: @itsPLG 720 and anything Chris Miller does

Q from @jkim16: What is your favorite skating memory?

A: Rolling over sidewalk cracks on my first skateboard. It was a Steve Caballero board

Q from @radrover: Skating @SPoTTampa now and just slammed HARD! Advil or Tylenol?

A: 4 advil and depending how old you are a drink. Stretch out a little bit and get some ice

Q from @bmirano: You won so many competitions. Which is your favorite and why?

A: ProTec Pool Party because of the energy level

Q from @RE4M: What trick took you the longest to learn?

A: 720. Only landed one ever.

Q from @OhioSkateUniv: If you could skate like any other vert skater past or present, who would you want to skate like

A: Tough question, do I go for style or tricks? Style: Chris Miller Tricks: Tony Hawk. So my answer is: Chris Hawk.

Q from @MusicFan4Life09: what’s the worst injury you’ve ever gotten?

A: Blew out my left ACL 12 years ago

Q from @bmirano: Out of your three daughters who will be the better skater?

A: Probably Paris my second child, but they ride horses more than skateboards

Q from @Lasekfan182: You’ve won a lot of guitars at ptp partys… Have you ever decided to take up guitar?

A: I have tried, but my patience grew thin. To be continued…

Q from @evico: If street skaters & vert skaters were to duel who would win?

A: Jason Ellis (Vert skater turned MMA fighter) would beat everyone.

(Ed. Note: Probably at the same time)

Q from @omgitsgooch: What was your most awkward moment during a contest?

A: Waiting for a commercial break at X Games

Q from @letgolakers086: What is your favorite X Games moment

A: Obviously all the wins, but besides that watching rallycross and the mega ramp

Q from @tunmun: Favorite country you’ve traveled to?

A: Australia

(Ed. Note: He didn’t even have to think about that)

Q from @ArmandoInfante: Any strategy for trying to win this event?

A: Usually if I have fun, I do good.

Check out the upcoming issue of @SkateboardMag for a sweet feature on @buckylasek‘s backyard pool

TYFO returns Thursday, July 1st at Noon EST, with motocross rider Nick Wey. Log onto twitter, and send your questions for Nick to @AlliSports for a chance to win some cool prizes. Then tune in tomorrow at Noon EST to see the interview.


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