Why I Love Action Sports

By: Tyler Daku


Caswell Berry Doing The Full Body "SHAKA!"

It’s now 12:47 AM. I work in a few hours, but I am not sleeping. I am lying wide-awake because my girlfriend and I found a copy of Enjoi Skateboards “Bag of Suck”. Caswell Berry has the opening part in this movie, but this little story is not about Caswell Berry, or “Bag of Suck” for that matter.

This is an account of the thoughts that started flooding my brain as soon as it began playing. It is a bunch of ratty looking dudes riding around on their skates, but it makes me feel something that watching normal TV or movies cannot. Action sports are a lifestyle. They are the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, the people we associate with and the reason we get out of bed in the morning.


Get Out Of Bed And DO WORK!

For me, that reason is literal. As I have said before action sports pay my bills, but for many, many others they do not. A lot of people I know go to work at shitty 9-5 jobs, so that when the weekend comes, they can throw their leg over a bike, or get behind the boat, or head to the hills. Action sports are a reason to keep going. I know a lot of people who do other things for fun but they don’t often listen to music and say, “Gees, this would be a great song to listen to while I golf!”

I am actually wondering how many dudes are reading this, sitting in a cubicle somewhere with a tie on and a Volcom undershirt. The people you see in action sports are the people who are talented enough, pretty enough, or marketable enough (or a combination of the 3) to make it a job. However, the people we really need to thank for making this industry what it is, are the countless weekend warriors, and the hardcore guys and girls living for whatever it is action sports gives them.

I had the chance to MC an FMX event last weekend and saw what real enthusiasts are first hand. It was gross outside, cold, windy, and a little bit rainy but this didn’t stop a few hundred loyal motocross fans from showing up and checking out the action. The reason for the event was that there is a new shop in Regina (The city in Canada where I live) called “Octane Powersports Apparel”. They are the first shop in Regina, and one of the only places on the Prairies that cater exclusively to this type of crowd.

What happened after the demo was pretty inspirational for a guy who lives and breathes all that is gnar. There was a huge amount of people, getting to feel how I feel every day…STOKED! Accountants, Steel Workers, White-Collar Office Workers, all soaking in the experience and leaving, more jacked than ever to get out and shred.


Jumping Regina!

The moral of my story is this. I once heard my good friend Jeff Schmid say “You know what makes action sports different? Involvement, that’s what!” I feel like now I fully understand this. On any given day, or night in this case these sports can do something special. They can make the Assistant Executive Director of Communications feel like Travis Pastrana, or Mike the 10th Grader who works at 7-11 feel like Aaron Rathy.


Rathy Loves The Action Sports!

For a moment in time, action sports takes all that mundane, routine, tedious stuff we do and sets it squarely on the backburner. Even when action sports are all we do, I myself would way rather be out on the water than filling orders. And as for the guys who ride for a living, I promise you the ones who make it never take it for granted and would do anything to keep it going as long as they can.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, where you do it, or why you do it. Action sports do something for everyone who is involved in them. We all have a sense of relief, or joy, or accomplishment or whatever when we take part. They help us get away, they help us reconnect, and they help us stay “chill” whatever that means to each of us.
Now that I’ve established how special action sports really are, there is only one thing left to say. On behalf of the fans, athletes, industry dudes, and occasional shreds I would like to say thank you to action sports for making everyday a good one. Now I’m going to finish watching “Bag of Suck” and go to sleep. I don’t want to get fired in the morning, and end up having to wear a tie to work!

Happy Shredding!

When he is not in the shop, on the road as a sales rep or scouring the Internet for content on his blog streetjesus.net. Tyler Daku is most likely getting wet behind a buddy’s boat, racking out on a jib somewhere or cruising the streets on a bamboo fishtail.


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