Teen Choice Awards 2010: Who Are You Voting For?

By Zarrin Alam

Teen Choice Awards 2010 is coming up in August and it is the time to vote for your favorite stars in categories such as coolest villain, favorite comedian and much more. Though, the one category that I’m looking forward to the most is “Action Sports Athlete” of the year. This year’s nominees are the most known action sports athletes out there right now, and they need YOUR vote to determine who will come out on the top.

This year’s show is being hosted by California gurl, Katy Perry. By the way, have you seen the California Gurls’ music video yet? If you haven’t then you’re missing out on an jaw-dropping, Candyland concept video so hot that it WILL melt your popsicle.

You’re probably wondering who is nominated for Male and Female Action Sport Athlete of the Year? That is why I am here. Voting this year is going to be tough, especially with all the heavy hitter nominees. Let’s start with the female nominees:

It’s a no brainer that Torah Bright is nominated for Female Athlete of the Year. This Australian snowboarder took home the gold at Vancouver Olympics for snowboard half-pipe. Not to mention, she carried the flag for Australia during the opening ceremony.

Bright might have taken the gold at the Olympics, but Hannah Teter took the silver. Not only that, but Teter took the bronze for snowboard half-pipe at the Winter X-Games and modeled for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue before that. She’s also known for her humanitarian acts like donating a huge amount of her winnings to charities.

This next athlete, is the only freestyle skier nominated. Sarah Burke has been at the top of her sport, but this year’s Winter X-Games was a challenge due to past injuries. She may not have grabbed a spot in the top 3, but her good sportsmanship and drive must have got her nominated.

Ashley Fiolek is a deaf motocross racer in the Women’s Motocross Association, and her number plate is 67. In the past year, Ashley has won her first X-Games gold in Women’s Motocross Supercross, and published her first book, “Kicking Up Dirt” in April. It’s amazing how much she has accomplished in a year, but it’s more unbelievable that she’s accomplishing all this at the age of 19.

Last, but not least, Maya Gabeira the Brazilian “Super Woman of Surfing”. Last year she won the ESPY award for Best Female Action Sports Athlete, and holds the record for biggest wave surfed by a female. It’s the summer, and you’ll be seeing a lot of Maya. Voting for her could be your best choice, since she already got the heads up from the ESPY crew.

Let’s face it, if an average teen looked at the list of nominees they will recognize more people under the Male’s category than the female‘s, so here are your male nominees:

First one on the list is Shaun White, which is not a surprise at all. Shaun White, not only, took home the gold in X-Games for snowboard half-pipe, but also took the gold at the Winter Olympics too. He debuted a new trick that no other snowboarder (Double Mctwist 1260) was doing and came out with a video game. This year has been looking up for White, and there is a high chance the teens are going to make it even better for him.

Ryan Sheckler is a name that most teenagers know, because of his skateboarding and his MTV show “Life of Ryan.” Fact, if it’s on MTV you know us teenagers are going to watch it.  Though, I’m pretty sure most teenage girls are going to be voting for him because of his nice face. You can catch Ryan Sheckler on the Dew Tour, and X Games this summer.

Travis Pastrana is the dare-devil; on rare occasions will you see him play it safe. For instance, have you been watching the Red Bull commercials featuring Pastrana? He broke the world record for longest rally car jump this past New Year’s. Plus, he’s been touring with Nitro Circus for the past couple of months in Australia doing “Nitro Circus Live”. Pastrana has accomplished big things in the world of action sports, and will keep doing it. These are just some of the great reasons you might want to vote for him.

Again, I’m not a huge fan of water sports, but even I can recognize the talents of surfer Kelly Slater. Surfing season is starting up, and you should be looking out for the number one surfer in the world. He has over a hundred career wins in surfing, which is more than any other surfer out there. Plus this past May, Slater was honored by the U.S House of Representatives for “outstanding and unprecedented achievements in the world of surfing and for being an ambassador of the sport and excellent role model.” If he’s being recognized by American government, then Kelly Slater should be able to win over teens easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Kevin Pearce, another snowboarder, has definitely been having a challenging year so far. On December 11, 2009, Pearce received a serious brain injury when he crashed on a double cork during training. Pearce was admitted into critical condition for a coma, but a week later he was upgraded to serious condition. Pearce is doing a lot better now, but he has missed a lot while he was injured. If you thought Shaun White’s head slam at the Winter X-Games was tragic, you obviously never heard of Kevin Pearce; plus Shaun White didn’t miss the X Games and Winter Olympics over his head bump. Kevin Pearce is a proud member of the Frends Crew, and a proud nominee of the Teen Choice Awards.

For Female Action Sport Athlete of the Year, I have been voting for Hannah Teter, because not only is she a great snowboarder but she’s also a great humanitarian; I have much respect for her. For Male Action Sport Athlete of the Year, I have been voting for Kevin Pearce. Voting the guys’ category was very tough, because all of them have done big things this year, and are doing bigger things in the near future. I feel Kevin Pearce deserve it a little more (even Shaun White might agree,), because being able to get up from an injury like that and keeping a smile on your face takes a lot of guts.  If you feel the same way you should go follow @KPfor2010TCA on twitter; they have been approved by Louie Vito.

Now that you know all the nominees, the next step is deciding who to vote for. Sign up for an account at teenchoiceawards.com and start you’re voting. Then tune in August 9th on Fox to watch if you’re your choice nominees won. It would be awesome if you guys left comments telling me your reasons for voting for that particular nominee.

Zarrin Alam is just a small-town girl from North Carolina. She considers herself one of the most spontaneous people you’d ever meet. Follow the randomness on twitter at @zarrinalam.


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