“Never Bored on a Board” – The Wiley One – Free Track Download

By Brian Beagle

From nb

An @Mkbain exclusive!

As Sam Wiley ollied over a massive flight of 10 stairs, he thought he’d like to get sponsored and enter the world of professional skateboarding.

As Sammy slammed into the ground at the base of those same stairs and severely sprained his ankle, he thought he’d like to write and perform music for a living instead.

Lucky for us, his ankle never fully healed.

The Wiley One, Sammy’s modern reggae-inspired rock band, features down-to-earth messages focused on promoting spiritual and artistic expression, saving the environment, and finding joy in every day’s struggles, set to a rhythm of catchy, up-beat guitar riffs. With his skateboarding background, The Wiley One’s music is an ideal companion to any board rider’s session, whether skate, snow or surf.

“When you forget the past, the future, and live in the now, you will feel true bliss and freedom. Music and boarding does that for us,” Sammy believes.

Pro surfer Holly Beck agrees—she uses The Wiley One’s “Go Green” as the sole track in her sustainable living and surfing video, “Life After Competitive Surfing is a bit greener.” The Wiley One’s passion for the environment and working with nature melds perfectly into the world of surf, sand and sun.

“Surfing is my last boarding conquest,” Sammy admits. “I consider myself to be a spiritual person and surfing is spiritual in nature. I love the ocean and everything about surfing.”

The Wiley One has also caught the attention of the X Games, and for the past three years they have performed songs such as their hit “Go Green” to the games’ immense crowds of extreme sports enthusiasts. This summer, The Wiley One plans to kick off their summer tour surrounding the X Games with a string of bio-diesel solar powered shows along the Pacific Coast Highway from July 21-31. The band will be previewing their new single “Never Bored on A Board,” scheduled to launch later this year.

Fuel TV features The Wiley One’s “False Reality” on an episode of Firsthand featuring pro surfer Damien Hobgood, letting Sammy’s music illustrate the calming, playful vibes of surfing in Tahiti.

For Sammy, these vibes fit the description of The Wiley One perfectly—cunning, enticing and lighthearted. And for the boarding world, The Wiley One’s passion and impact through music fits its sports just as well.

A story by Jessica Conditt
Sundawg Media

Here it is, after all the anticipation, “Never Bored on a Board” free track download! Click here!

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Brian Beagle is a regular guy who builds things for a living and loves action sports. For more of his action sports insights, check out his other blog, or follow him on twitter at @mkbain.


18 Responses to “Never Bored on a Board” – The Wiley One – Free Track Download

  1. Matty says:

    It’s going to be a great Summer…it is already!!!!

  2. This will be the theme song for the action sports community !

  3. TaPoN says:

    Thanks ! never bored on my key-board 😉

  4. The WILEY One says:

    Thanks to all for the support!

  5. Matty says:

    So many good things happening this week Check out x103.9FM and Kwss 106.7FM in Phoenix to hear the new single on the RADIO more to come from San Diego’s 91X and hopefully some KROQ love up in LA any support is great support. Thank you all.

  6. Lafina says:

    Wheeew! Love it!! Thanks for the free tunes guys!

  7. Ron Johnson says:

    Always love free music! Definitely a good song to ride with!

  8. Stan says:

    LP represent Wiley !!!!….”straight posting”

  9. Angie says:

    I love this song!!

  10. Tim Rael says:

    One of the most peacefull songs Ive heard lateley… Ive put off learning Surfing for a long time to support my familly. This year is finally my time to learn and Ill be listening to it on the way to the Beach in my low rider. Nice job Sam and Sundawg! keep up the good work and keep the positive energy flowing up hill, Ill see you at the top…..!

  11. Chantelle says:


    Finally a group of people that knows music, what an inspiration. Keep on boarding! Shred the Knar! peace and love!

  12. The Wiley One says:

    Thank you Mr. Brian Beagle for helping put this whole thang together! We are honored to be able to give the song out to the boarding community …


  13. Michael says:

    Very cool Slam, like what you and G came up with 🙂 KEEP IT GOING STRONG!

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