Freestone MX National Photo Blog

By Derek Egbert

I recently got to attend the Freestone MX National in Wortham, TX last weekend and it was a hot hot race day!  I got to borrow a nice Nikon D40X camera with a sweet 300mm lens on it, so I decided to grab some photos to share on the blog.  This was my first time shooting mx with this camera so I did have some learning to do, but I ended up with some good shots at the end of the day.

I won’t do a race recap, as there are plenty of sources online that can do that much better than me (,,, etc.), but there were a few things that impressed me:

  • Eli Tomac is FAST!  He did not have the endurance through the heat for the entire race, but watch out for that kid, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with for anybody who wants the title.
  • Metcalf was fast at the beginning but faded pretty hard about half-way through each moto.
  • Kyle Regal was the surprise of the day with a 3rd overall, let’s hope he can keep up his speed and hang with the big boys for the rest of the season.
  • Ben Townley looked good but had some bad luck in Moto 2 with a 1st turn crash that set him far behind.  I hope he shows up to High Point next week at 100% and ready to spank everybody.
  • Dean Wilson was hauling the mail in the second moto but got delirious on the last lap and let 2 people pass him on the last straightaway…everybody at the track was SO confused…poor kid, I hope he can redeem himself next week.
  • Alessi was definitely off his normal pace.  I think he crashed a few times in each moto and didn’t come anywhere close to landing on the podium.
  • Dungey seriously looked like RC the way he pulled ahead and gapped the field.  I wonder if the Hangtown Dungey or the Freestone Dungey will show up to High Point next week.
  • Last, Reed was pretty solid, he did what he had to do in order to keep the points lead and stay safe.  He was the only one I saw who would seat-bounce over the big sand wall in front of the whoops, it was insane, nobody else even came close to his speed over that obstacle.  I love it when riders get creative on things that seem to only have one way over it!

So, click here for a slideshow of my best shots of the day.  Thanks for reading!

Freestone MX Picture Gallery

Derek Egbert is an action sports nut who started off riding dirt bikes, but is now a big fan of anything related to action sports. Follow @degbert on twitter or check out for a deeper look at what makes him tick.


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