Journeys Backyard BBQ Tour

By Zarrin Alam

Music, action sports, and your favorite brands. What else can you expect from the Journeys Backyard Barbeque Tour? Oh wait, did I forget to mention that it’s free admission? The Journeys BBQ is one of highlights of the spring/summer season. It incorporates music and action sports together, so everybody has something to like.

The first BBQ tour was last year, and it was a huge blowout, so of course it will come again in 2010. The BBQ tour is very similar to the Vans Warped Tour, except BBQ tour focuses more on action sports and doesn’t last through the whole summer. Even if you’re not a fan of action sports, anyone can appreciate the awe-striking tricks that these athletes do. In fact there are only 5 events on the tour where you can see it (3 of which have already happened), so be there or be square.

Journeys Backyard BBQ kicked off on May 8th in Sacramento, California. Music was provided by Switchfoot and Fight Fair. Two great bands that I would have love to seen. The athlete line up was even greater with the likes of Rob Dyrdek, Chad Kagy, Chaz Ortiz, Dave Mirra, Daniel Dhers, and many more. It’s like the greatest action sports athletes decided they wanted to attend the same tour stop. Not to mention all the skate, BMX, and FMX sessions. This was the definitely the best way to start off the Journeys Backyard BBQ tour.

The next stop on the tour was in Dallas, Texas which was this past Saturday May 15th. This stop probably had the best music lineup. Forever the Sickest Kids are (and always will be) my SECOND favorite band, and if you never heard of them go check them out right now. Artist Vs. Poet is also a great band and definitely worth listening too. My prediction was there were more teenage girls at the event just because of FTSK and AVP; my prediction was true. The FMX session was pretty amazing, but you should expect that when you have Carey Hart attending. Other athletes that were around were Daewon Song and Anthony Schultz. The athlete lineup isn’t as great as some of the other events, but the music was the best.

The next event was Saturday, May 22nd held in Cleveland, Oregon. Ryan Sheckler was there, so this was a MUST attend event; which sadly I couldn’t go to. Jamie Bestwick, Todd Potter, Aaron Ross, and Morgan Wade are also great athletes to see. Jamie Bestwick has a really cool British accent, and Ryan Sheckler is a very good-looking skateboarder. Bestwick, Ross, and Sheckler showed the crowd great demos on the vert ramp, which I wish I saw. The band lineup for Cleveland was also pretty awesome, just like in Dallas. You have The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and This Love headlining, which are two great bands. Songs you must listen to are “Face Down” by the Red Jumpsuits Apparatus and “Like a Million Lights” by This Love. Some of my friends from Every You (a band) stopped and promoted themselves at the event, so go look them up on or purevolumecom/everyyou. On to the next stop.

The events in Dallas, Sacramento, and Cleveland may have already happened but there’s still a chance of attending the Boston, Massachusetts, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Heading to Boston, Massachusetts the Journeys BBQ Tour‘s next stop is at the east coast on May 29th. Musical headliners consist of Anberlin and Mayday Parade. Songs to listen to are “Disappear” by Anberlin and “Kids in Love” by Mayday Parade. Athletes that are going to be here are Ronnie Faisst, Ryan Hagy, Bob Burnquist, Rob Darden, Markus Tooker, and Ryan Nyquist. When you have FMX riders from Metal Mullisha present, you know the FMX demo is not going to disappoint. If motocross riders, skateboarding, and great music don’t convince, I don’t know what will.

Last, but not least, the tour has to stop in Nashville, Tennessee, home of many great people, and the only venue close by me. Taking place on June 5th, the musical headliners are Hot Chellae Rae, and a special guest headliner. Can you guess who the mystery band will be, I would go to find out. Don’t worry, Hot Chellae Rae is a great band too, especially that one song “I Like To Dance”. Athletes that are going to be here include Bucky Lasek, Alex Perelson, Dennis McCoy, Rob Lorifice, and many other riders. Skateboard vert against BMX vert, which will be the more crowd-pleasing? You won’t find out, unless you go.

Even though I wasn’t/won’t be able to attend any of the events, everybody else should go. It’s free admission, fun for all ages, not to mention you get FREE stuff. How do you even resist not going? You still have time to go, but hurry up before you miss the event. By the way, if you happen to live near the events and don’t go then you’re a really big square. And if you can’t make it then check out photos at

Zarrin Alam is just a small-town girl from North Carolina. She considers herself one of the most spontaneous people you’d ever meet. Follow the randomness on twitter at @zarrinalam.


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