Turf Global destroys PQ Skatepark for Willy’s Workshop!

By Brian Beagle

The Turf Global team, featuring Mike York, Lavar McBride, Jason Wussler, JJ Rice, Vitor Borger, Biggs, and an injured Sam Batista, invaded the Rancho Penasquitos Skatepark in celebration of their line now being available at Willy’s Workshop, a skate shop owned by a San Diego skating legend, Willy Santos.

The demo was f-in awesome, the pros just got out there and mixed it up with the locals at the park. It was obvious from the beginning these Turf riders were there to shred and have a blast doing it. So often it seems riders take their skating too seriously, it was refreshing to see these riders enjoy the park.

I was lucky enough to meet Mike, Lavar, Jason, JJ, Vitor, and Willy. They were cooler than you would expect, after all they were meeting me, not someone they needed to schmooze. If you haven’t been to Willy’s Workshop you should go!  It’s a great skate shop and is next door to the PQ Skatepark!

In this video you have Lavar McBride with a switch frontside flip, JJ Rice with a backside bigspin, and Vitor Borger with a sweet varial flip!

The demo was a blast! Everyone kicked ass and the crowd loved the show. I highly recommend viewing Turf Global’s video just under these words, it rocks! They have had over 1500 views in less than 24 hours and it is being re-tweeted all over the twitterverse.

Here is Willy’s Workshop video of the event, contrast and compare!

As you can see in the photo on the left, Mike York was having a great day. This attitude, or lack of, was the best part of the demo for me. It always surprises me that professional skaters are so easy to talk to. I always expect to be blown off, but these guys shook my hand, said hi, thanked me for coming, and re-tweeted my pictures of the day. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Click here to see all my pics of the demo!

Brian Beagle is a regular guy who builds things for a living and loves action sports. For more of his action sports insights, check out his other blog, or follow him on twitter at @mkbain.


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