Brent Atchley Rewind

By OhioSkateUniv

I just came across an interview with Brent Atchley over at ESPN Skateboarding and it turns out that Brent is no longer on Element. I don’t doubt that Brent will soon be realigned with sponsors but during his sponsor downtime we should be reminded why Brent went pro in the first place and why we shouldn‘t count him out.

The skateboarding world was introduced to Brent Atchley via “Elementality Volume 1” where we watched him casually readjust our collective understanding of what skateboarding is really about. Soon after, he went pro for Element with a shiner of a Welcome Video, and came through with another video part in “This Is My Element” to add to his resume.

Everytime we sat down to one of Brent Atchley’s parts we were treated to one of the most fluid and interesting styles anyone has seen in years, I would even venture to say Brent’s style is reminiscent of the styles of Daewon Song and Mark Gonzales. This is to say that he can get very technical (Daewon), innovative (Daewon and Mark), and just plain fun to watch skate down the street (Mark).

As you get reacquainted with the skating of Brent Atchley, just remember, he is currently a free agent so companies, place your bids. Did I mention that Brent has footage stacked up? Sounds like a bargain to me.

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One Response to Brent Atchley Rewind

  1. derekegbert says:

    His tweaked stalls on the vert walls were sick!

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