The Berrics: Plan B United Nations takes over the web!

By Brian Beagle

This video is a highlight reel showing the Plan B riders at The Berrics skate park. These riders are pushing street skating to amazing technical levels. I have never seen this amount of mind blowing skating in one film clip. This clip is gaining popularity on the web with over 100,000 documented views in 4 days. The riders in this clip include Scott Decenzo, Ryan Sheckler, Pat Duffy, PJ Ladd, Paul Rodriguez, Torey Pudwill, and Felipe Gustavo. The video starts and ends with the AMs (Scott and Torey) as the bread of the Pro sandwich.

Scott is up first and demonstrates complete domination of tail slides. With flips in, flips out, shovits out, and other combos this kid shows us that he’s got the skills to win any street contest. It’s hard to believe that this level of skating is considered amateur.

Ryan Sheckler comes in next. The only real criticism of Ryan’s skating is he is not known for big switch tricks. To shut everyone up, or just entertain me, Sheck throws a switch, nolie, kick flip, 360 gap transfer (there is probably more to it or a name to this trick, but that is what I caught in real time). He backs that up with his patented power riding, big tricks over big gaps and drops.

Following that, Pat gets started with grinds and flips that make my head hurt. He closes with a backwards feeble grind with a 360 out, and yes, Andy Macdonald is right, feebles are trending this week. Then PJ comes in with a kick flip down a 6 stair directly into a switch, nolie to nose grind, tre flip out! Mega video game combo points on that. He backs that up with flip, slide, and grind combinations happening so fast I cannot decipher every trick. If you can, let me know, because all I want to say is watch this sickness for yourself.

P Rod starts with a smith grind and rolls into a feeble grind with a 180 flip? out. Were either of these switch? They probably both were, but Paul is so good riding switch I can’t tell when he does. He finishes his part with a flurry of kick ass riding, and since I can’t tell which way he is riding, I will let his skating speak for itself.

Torey is up next and his second trick run, a crooked grind to kick flip 180 out, looks buttery, and I think that’s why they give us the slow mo. A kick flip 360 over the box shows us his major pop. His part ends with a barrage of tail slides to crazy outs and a kick flip to crooked grind.

Felipe has the last part of the video and may be the other amateur, but shows us he deserves to be with these kings of street. His combinations of tricks make me wonder why he and Scott are not actually pros. Amateur skating has caught up with video games and the pros. This video is a shining example of where street skating is and will be for a long time. I have no idea what the next step of progression will be, but I am sure it will turn my brain to jello.

Don’t think I am the only one that thinks this video is crazy gnarly. Listen to some of the Twitter buzz.

@mikemo27: Dude… Just watched Plan B United Nations, wow they are so good. It’s depressing how they get so good!!! Wow!

@TheSkateSpot: Plan B United Nations. Torey Pudwill is gnarly.

@skatefile: Plan B United Nations is INSANE!!!!

@steve_berra: Plan B on the berrics. I’m sore just watching it. wow.

@hhskate: @steve_berra The Plan B edit was mind boggling.

@dvsshoecompany: TPudz and the Plan B crew really killing the UNited Nations.

This is just a sample of what pro skaters and industry people are saying. BTW, you should follow all these people and entities, if you don’t. This video shows us some of the heaviest hitters in skating and they are all on the same team! Make sure you watch the video a few times and try to understand all that is happening. We will see a lot of these tricks and combos this summer at the Dew Tour and X Games. I can’t wait!

Brian Beagle is a regular guy who builds things for a living and loves action sports. For more of his action sports insights, check out his other blog, or follow him on twitter at @mkbain.


2 Responses to The Berrics: Plan B United Nations takes over the web!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow Brian, you got just about all of those tricks they did wrong. I’m not sure if you understand the difference between switch and nollie. I’m not even sure you understand what goofy and regular stances are. If you understood these concepts then writing about their tricks would be easy. Maybe Alli should get writers that know what they are talking about. Any one who has ever touched a skateboard could easily identify all of the tricks involved. I will write out their tricks for you so you know what to write next time.

    Scott D. – bs flip, switch front blunt bs flip out; fakie kf crooks; switch kf 5-0; kf front tail, switch back tail, bs heel flip out; nollie kf bs 5-0; switch bs 180, nose manual, 180 out, switch kf back tail, 270 shove-it out; fs tail slide, fs kf out; nollie fs 180 feeble, fs 180 out;

    Ryan S. – kf, fakie full cab flip; bs flip; nollie bs heel flip; bs nose blunt slide, bs 180 out; fakie fs 180 nose grind, bs 180 out; switch 180 manual, bs flip out; gap front feeble; gap kf front board slide; gap fs nose blunt slide; front crooks; (notice only 1 real switch trick!!! (nollie bs heel flip) where as you said he “shut everyone up”…give me a break)

    Pat D. – Heel flip, front 5-0, bs flip; bs 180, fakie 5-0, come out fakie; nollie bs heel flip; Here’s where he gets tricky…bs hurricane, fakie crooks; bs hurricane, fakie fs 270 out;

    PJ – Switch flip, fakie 5-0, fakie 360 flip out; switch kf back tail, fs 270 shove-it out; nollie kf nose manual, nollie 360 flip out; hard flip, late fs 180; 360 flip, kf bs nose blunt slide; bs blunt slide, kf out; switch 360 flip, nose manual, fakie 360 flip out;

    P-Rod – switch back smith; front feeble, fs varial heel flip out; kf, switch hf back tail; nollie fs 270 board slide; bs tail slide, bs flip out; switch hf bs lip slide;

    Torey P. – kf, gap fs board slide, tail slide; switch crooks, fakie fs 180 kf out; switch crooks fakie big flip out; bs full cab flip; bs smith grind, kf out; bs smith grind, bs tail slide, bs 270 out; bs tail slide, bs 270 with a kf out; switch kf bs crooks;

    Felipe G. – switch kf fs tail slide, fs 180 out; fs flip, switch hard flip bs tail slide; nollie hard flip nose slide; nollie heel flip fs crooks; switch kf bs tail slide, bs shove-it out; nollie kf nose manual, nollie kf bs crooks, nollie fs kf out; nollie hard flip nose slide, nollie flip out; nollie kf fs crooks, fs shove-it out; nollie kf bs nose blunt slide;

  2. mkbain says:

    Well, thanks for the schooling. If you really read my article I say that I can’t call all these tricks in real time, and state I am totally guessing. Not everyone can be as good as anonymous.

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